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DTAP Clinic

DTAP medical clinics offer GP+ medical services. We bridge the gap between GP and specialist care, offering services that may extend beyond regular GP’s reach. Some of our focus areas are men’s health and women’s health including sexual health, weight management and mental health. Through all of life stages, we aim to be your better health care partner.

Fully accredited for HIV / STD testing and treatment, our HIV / STD testing, screening, treatment and management services adhere strictly to Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines. Some of our core services include: HIV Test SingaporeSTD Test SingaporeAnonymous HIV Testing.

All DTAP Clinics are designed to provide a discreet and comfortable setting for local & foreign patients alike. Patients may discuss their medical issues freely with DTAP’s doctors. For added comfort, both male and female doctors are available.

Speak with a professional, experienced, friendly, open and non-discriminatory DTAP doctor today.

Men’s Health Services (Andrology)

DTAP’s certified men’s health doctors are vastly experienced in men’s health issues such as erectile dysfunction, male infertility, prostate issues, andropause, foreskin & penile infections, circumcision and Electro-Shockwave Therapy.

Women’s Health Services

The dedicated female doctors at DTAP’s women’s clinics are experienced in women’s health-related issues. Family planning, menstrual issues, sexual health services are available at DTAP’s women’s clinics. For Women, From Women.

STD Testing, Screening & Treatment

DTAP provides comprehensive STD screening, testing and treatment services. Rapid next-day-result for STD tests, vaccination & anal pap smear are available. DTAP’s team of male & female STD doctors are friendly, open-minded and professional.

HIV Testing, Screening & Treatment

A range of HIV testing and treatment services are available at all DTAP branches. Anonymous HIV Testing is available at our DTAP, Robertson branch. HIV PEP, HIV PrEP and HIV treatment are also available. Check with us today for more information.

Allergy Testing & Treatment

Allergy testing is one of the ways to find out whether you are allergic to something. DTAP provides sublingual-immunotherapy and skin prick testing for allergy (results in 20mins). A range of allergy screening packages are available at DTAP’s clinics.

Family Medicine & Health Checks

Comprehensive health check-ups and other screening services are available at all DTAP clinics. DTAP also helps with management of mental health, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), earwax removal, travel vaccination and other acute medical conditions.

Skin Diseases & Infection

Our DTAP Clinic provides comprehensive & holistic treatment for Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Eczema & other skin diseases. Our dedicated Skin Clinic also manages skin infections, inflammations and provides a wide range of skin allergy tests.

Knee, Joint & Hand Treatment

DTAP’s joint clinic provides diagnosing, treating and management of joint pain related problems. Pain within the joint is a common cause of shoulder, ankle and knee pain. DTAP offers a variety of clinic-based procedures to help treat joint pain.

Teleconsultation & Delivery

DTAP connects you with friendly, professional doctors via tele-consultation. DTAP also delivers home testing services to you at the comfort of your home. Test kits, medications, supplements & medical aids may be delivered right to your doorstep.

HIV / STD Testing, Screening & Treatment

Since 2005, DTAP Clinic is committed to providing local and foreign patients alike with discreet and confidential HIV testingSTD testingSTD treatment and STD / HIV management services.

DTAP’s dedicated & experienced female and male doctors are open-minded and non-judgmental.

HIV PrEP Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis can significantly reduce HIV infection before potential or high risk HIV exposure.

HIV PEP Post-Exposure Prophylaxis can reduce risk of HIV infection within 72 hours after potential or high risk HIV exposure.

DTAP STD clinic offers rapid STD testing whereby results are available the following day. If the results are positive, appropriate treatment may be taken promptly. Rapid Chlamydia Gonorrhoea PCR + Rapid HIV Testing are available as a package.

Self-STD testing at DTAP Express is quick, fuss-free & confidential.

DTAP Express Clinic is a discreet Self STD Testing Clinic located at the heart of Tanjong Pagar, Singapore.

4th Generation HIV Test or Rapid Fingerprick HIV P24 Antigen/Antibody Test has a window period of 28 days. Results are ready in 20 mins.

During consultation, a doctor will assess the patient’s sexual health history and potential risks of STD exposure. The doctor will also conduct a physical examination on possible STD sign and symptoms, such as abnormal genital discharge, lumps & bumps, and any rash, sore or blisters. An in-depth discussion and assessment will and must be carried out before any STD screening plan or individual STD test may be recommended. DTAP provides comprehensive STD screening following such robust assessments. A full range of STD tests is available for both male and female patients.

DTAP Clinic provides a discreet environment for STD treatment at all of its branches. Experienced female and male STD doctors at DTAP offer comprehensive STD treatment and HIV management services to all local and overseas patients.

DTAP Clinic @Robertson is a Ministry of Health recommended Anonymous HIV Testing Clinic. For Anonymous HIV Tests (AHT), no passport, NRIC or any personal information for registration is required. No personal particulars are recorded, even with positive results of the HIV tests. DTAP offers 3rd Generation HIV Testing and 4th Generation Rapid HIV Testing.

HIV RNA/DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test can detect HIV in a person’s system after 10 days – 14 days of potential HIV exposure.

Results for HIV Antibody tests has a window period of 3 months post exposure. Rapid HIV Tests are available, and results will be out in 20 mins.

The HIV Pro-Viral DNA Test can be used in specific situations where there are challenges to getting an accurate HIV diagnosis with other available HIV tests including HIV Antibody tests (3rd Generation HIV test), HIV Antibody and Antigen tests (4th Generation HIV test) as well as HIV RNA PCR test.

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