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TheraClear™ Acne System is an acne treatment procedure that combines a therapeutic light and gentle vacuum suction to effectively treat acne.

What is Acne

Formation of Acne

Acne is the most common skin condition affecting at least 75% of us. It usually appears on the face, and can also appear on the scalp, neck, and back.

Though there are many claims to the causes of acne, a simple explanation can be used to illustrate how it forms.

The surface of our skin is made up of pores, which are openings to follicles that host a hair and a sebaceous (oil) gland, similar to onion in the ground.

The sebaceous gland secretes sebum into the follicle (where the root of the hair is) continuously, causing the substance to rise and flow out of the pore opening along with dead cells and bacteria to form a thick glue-like substance.

Formation of skin acne. The sebum in the clogged pore promotes the growth of a certain bacteria called Propionibacterium Acnes. This leads to the redness and inflammation associated with pimples.

Propionibacterium acne, commonly known as p.acne, is the bacteria that survive within the pore, feeds on the sebum and proliferates.

When there is too much oil, p.acne and dead cells build up in the pore, and the pore becomes clogged and blocked.

A raised surface on the skin appears as a result of this plugged pore called a comedo.

As the surface of the pore is blocked and raised, and the pressure within the pore begins to rise, and the follicle expands like a balloon being filled with water, creating an enlarged pocket of thick, dirty material. Thus, a pimple erupts.

What are the Causes of Acne?

Besides the active production of sebum, acne can also be caused by hormonal changes during puberty, menses or pregnancy; certain medications or supplements like birth control pills or protein powder; genetics or maybe even stress.

When this infection occurs, we would naturally start touching it more, picking it or squeezing it. Introducing harsh or unsanitary elements to the lesion can cause adverse effects – the acne may spread to a wider area or even leave permanent scars on your face.

Acne Treatment

The TheraClear™ Acne System for acne treatment in Singapore combines a therapeutic light and gentle vacuum suction to effectively treat acne. It is a painless acne treatment suitable for all ages and skin types. TheraClear™ is suitable for patients who:

  • want a faster response in efficacy,
  • choose to avoid drugs or topicals, or
  • are not responding well to their current acne treatment.

How Does This Acne Treatment Work

What is the acne treatment like?

The treatment is conducted in four quick and easy steps:

Step 1: Position

The handpiece makes full contact with the acne treatment area.

Step 2: Cleanse

Pneumatics deep cleans pores by extracting build up of sebaceous material.

Step 3: Treating Acne

Along with targeting heating of the dermis, the light activates porphyrins to destroy P. acnes and  reduces sebum

Step 4: Complete

Obstruction in the pilosebaceous apparatus is removed and skin normalizes.

Why should I choose this treatment?

Unlike other devices, TheraClear™ consists of asuction component. Without the suction, the sebum remainsinside the pilosebaceous gland making the treatment far less effective.

The TheraClear™ suction is strong and effective yet painless and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects from the treatment. We will conduct a test shot before proceeding with the full treatment.

How effective is it and how long does it last?

Patients typically stay clear for 3 months post-treatment. Those on maintenance regimens have stayed clear for a year or more.

Usually, after one treatment, there is little improvement.  After the second treatment, patients should notice a modest improvement.  The third treatment, however, seems to produce the most significant improvement and after the fourth and fifth treatment, most if not all the acne lesions should be gone.

Are there any follow-ups?

4 – 5 treatments are needed for best results. More treatments will be recommended for more severe acne cases. Follow up sessions will be scheduled one to two weeks apart.

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