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Allergy Testing Services in Singapore

Dr. Tan & Partners (DTAP) clinic provides holistic and comprehensive allergy testing and screening and allergy treatment at our clinics.

Our body immune system can overreact to substances such as food, seafood, animal and insect, pollens, molds, house dust mites.

Most allergy appears during childhood, but some allergy appears later in life.

We provide single allergy test and comprehensive allergy testing to test for a particular allergen or group of allergens. We also offer  Sublingual immunotherapy or Oraltek spray to help treat allergies.

We provide a private and discreet environment for you to discuss your medical issues with our doctors.

Our list of Allergy Services

Allergy symptoms range from the life-threatening to just mildly irritating. Often, we may have symptoms that we do not automatically relate to being caused by allergies. For example, many people sneeze a few times upon waking up and blame it on the temperature or the air conditioner when this is actually caused by an allergy. The symptoms then affect them throughout the rest of the day causing them to not be able to concentrate or perform at the peak of their abilities. However, these symptoms can be so mild that most people do not even know they are suffering from them.

Many people also have the mistaken impression that we are born with allergies and do not develop any new ones throughout life. We have come across many patients whom we detect an allergy to a particular food and were caught completely by surprise as they have been eating this same food all their lives and always assumed that it was not causing any problems. Our immune system is constantly adapting to the environment around it. Any protein that is not part of your body is considered foreign and the immune system naturally wants to get rid of it. The immune system is supposed to be smart enough to adapt its response such that it responds mildly to certain proteins and more strongly to others. However, sometimes it responds too strongly to the “wrong” proteins and this essentially is what we term an allergy.

Allergy testing is simple and virtually painless. It can be done via a blood test or skin prick test. Our Doctor will advise you on which test best suits your unique situation. Unlike what most people think, allergies can actually be cured. This is achieved via a method known as immunotherapy. This method works by exposing the body to tiny amounts of the allergen on a daily basis. This helps the immune system identify the allergen as a non-threat and tones down its response over time.

Single Allergy Test

Food Allergens:House Dust:
1. Egg White24. Greer
2. Milk25. Hollister-Stier
3. CodfishMites
4. Wheat26. D.Pteronyssinus
5. Corn27. D.Farinae
6. Sesame Seed28. Blomia Tripicalis
7. PeanutMold
8. Soybean29. Penicillium Notatum
9. Hazelnut30. Cladosporium
10. Brazil Nut31. Aspergillus Fumigatus
11. Almond32. Candida Albicans
12. Crab33. Alternaria Tenuis
13. ShrimpAnimal
14. Coconut34. Cat
15. Blue Mussel35. Dog
16. Tuna36. Guinea Pig
17. Salmon37. Rat
18. Gluten38. Mouse
19. Chicken MeatInsects
20. Mustard39. Honey Bee Venom
21. Cocoa40. Cockroach
22. Clam
23. Anchovies

Food Allergy Testing Package

Egg WhiteBrazilnut
PeanutBlue Mussel

Seafood Allergy Testing

Blue MusselAnchovies (Ikan Bilis)

Animal and Insect Allergy Testing

DogHoney Bee Venom
Guinea PigCockroach

Inhalant Allergy Testing

D. pteronyssinusAlternaria tenuis
D. farinaeCockroach
Blomia tropicalisCat
House dust - GreerDog
Penicillium notatumGuinea pig
Cladosporium herbarumBermuda grass
Aspergillus fumigatusBahia Grass
Candida albicans

Allergy Test for Children

Egg whiteShrimp
MilkBlue Mussel
Sesame seedsChicken Meat
SoybeanAnchovies (Ikan bilis)

Allergy Test for Eczema

Guinea pigWheat
D. pteronyssinusHazelnut
D. farineaShrimp
Egg WhiteMustard

Comprehensive Allergy Test

DogSesame Seed
Guinea PigPeanut
House Dust - GreerBrazil Nut
House Dust - Hollister StierAlmond
Bermuda GrassCrab
Bahia GrassShrimp
Honey Bee VenomCoconut
CockroachBlue Mussel
Dermatophagoides PteronyssinusSalmon
Dermatophagoides FarinaeGluten
Biomia TropicalisChicken Meat
Penicillium NotatumMustard
Cladosporium HerbarumCacao (Cocoa)
Aspergillus FumigatusClam
Candida AlbicansAnchovy
Alternaria TenuisTuna
Egg WhiteSquid

Skin Prick Allergy Test (Result in 20mins)

A skin prick test can identified allergies such as dust mites, pet, mold and pollen allergies. The result of Skin Prick Allergy Test takes 20 min. This test is useful to find out the cause of allergy, as it is  treatable and curable with immunotherapy.

It is useful if you are suffering from allergic rhinitis, asthma, urticaria (skin rash) and atopic eczema.

Food Skin Prick Test Package:Non-Food Skin Prick Test Package:
EggAspergillus Fumigatus (Fungus)
Cow’s MilkAlternaria Alternata (Fungus)
PeanutBermuda Grass (Grass)
AlmondTimothy Grass ( Grass)
WheatCat’s Epithelium
SoyDog’s Epithelium
PrawnBlomia Tropicalis (Mite)
CodfishD. Pteronyssinus (Mite)
SesameD. Farinae (Mite)

Skin Prick Allergy Test is only available at our Scotts Branch.

Single allergen Skin Prick is also available

Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

Sublingual immunotherapy is the only treatment that acts on the natural course of the allergic disease by inducing tolerability of the immune system towards the allergen that you are allergic to. It also helps prevent development of asthma in patients with allergic rhinitis. Hence, symptoms and the need for medicine are significantly reduced, which helps improve quality of life

Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) is only available at our Scotts Branch.

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