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What is Anonymous HIV Test?

We are Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) approved Anonymous HIV Testing Clinic licensed to conduct HIV Test for any local or foreign individual.

You do not need to provide any personal information, such as name, NRIC, passport, address or any form of contact details.

No Personal Identification

  • No NRIC / Passport

No Contact Needed

  • No Phone Number or Address

No Name

  • No Name or Other Contact Person

When to Get HIV Test

The HIV window period is the time between getting HIV and when HIV will show up on a test.

HIV Window Period & HIV Test Accuracy. 

3rd Generation HIV Test

90 Days above

Rapid Fingerprick HIV
$53.60 (after GST)
Results 20min
4th Generation HIV Test

28 Days above

Rapid Fingerprick HIV Combo Test
$160.60 (after GST)
Results 20min
HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis

within 48 - 72 Hours

HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis helps reduce the risk of HIV infection
within 48 - 72 Hours after potential exposure to HIV.
How to Go About Anonymous HIV test?

Walk into our clinic at Robertson Walk.

Let our staff know you are here for the “AHT”.


Private consultation with the doctor.

The doctor will proceed with the “3 Step Test”.


Result After 20 minutes your results will be ready.

Reviewing of your HIV test result with our doctor.

Type of Anonymous HIV Test
  • Rapid Fingerprick HIV (3rdGen Test) – (90 days after exposure)
    $53.60 (after GST)
  • Rapid Fingerprick HIV Combo Test (4thGeneration) – (28 days after exposure)
    $160.60 (after GST)
  • Consultation charge is between $20 – $30.

All results take 20 mins

HIV Symptoms

Within the first 2-4 weeks after initial infection, the virus replicates very quickly and HIV viral load will reach a high level.

People may experience flu-like symptoms, which they may describe as ‘the worst flu ever’.

This is known as Acute Retroviral Syndrome or ARS. These acute HIV symptoms may occur in about 70-80% of people.

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