10 Ways to Improve Sexual Performance for Men

Sex has always been a very important thing to men and sexual performance is strongly linked to one’s manliness. However, as we age, just as other bodily functions, sexual performance may also not be as great as before.

So here are 10 ways you can do to improve sexual performance for men.

#1 Work it!

Exercise helps to boost blood circulation, improve stamina and endurance. It is also proven to improve libido and with better strength and flexibility, sex will be so much more enjoyable for both you and your partner.

#2 Smoke-out – Stop smoking

One of a way to improve sexual performance is by cutting down your cigarette. If you’re smoking, try to quit.
Smoking will impair blood circulation and may cause erectile dysfunction or weaker erections.
Smoking also reduces endurance, stamina and may affect sex drive.

#3 Be Zen

Manage your stress. With our current hectic lifestyle, constant deadlines, constantly rushing from one place to another, stress has become one of the top causes of many medical conditions.
One of the man that it can cause, a weaker erection, lower testosterone levels, drop in sex drive, fatigue. We may not be able to eliminate stress totally from our lives, but we need to learn how to manage them positively.
Find time for your hobbies, for socialising, for personal time etc. Manage your stress before it manages you.

#4 Sober up

A glass of wine may be good for you, but drinking bottles and bottles of beer is too much. Try to cut down on alcohol consumption.
It will reduce blood flow to the penis hence causing weaker erections. It also impairs your sense of judgment so you won’t be able to be as good in bed as you’d like to be.

#5 Eat clean

One of the ways to increase sexual performance is nutrition and diet.
Healthy eating is not just about looking slim and fit. A proper diet also affects a lot of your bodily functions including sexual health.
Eating certain foods like pomegranates, salmon and avocado are good for blood circulation and libido.
You also got to admit, when you’re slim, fit and sexy, sex is definitely more enjoyable for both parties.

#6 Let’s foreplay

Sexual performance is not just about the deed.
For most men, that may be the case, but for women, the foreplay is as important if not, more than the penetration.
It sets them up to work towards achieving orgasms and ultimately climaxing towards sexual euphoria.
This is what bring you closer to Sex God status.

# 7 Have a cuppa

A recent study by the University of Texas showed that men who drink 2-3 cups of Coffee a day are less likely to complain of erectile issues.
Caffeine has properties similar to Erectile Dysfunction drugs like Viagra, says study coauthor Run Wang, M.D.
The stimulant triggers a series of effects that cause the arteries in your penis to relax and your blood flow to increase, both are important for a strong erection (and improve your sexual performance).

#8 Snooze more

A good night’s sleep is so important for overall health. It is also important for sexual health.
In fact it works both ways. Lack of sleep may affect sexual performance and lack of sex may affect sleep.
A good night sleep does improve libido and sex drive while regular sex helps give you a good night sleep.
So make sure you get at least 6-8 hours of quality sleep.

#9 Practice makes perfect

One of the ways to improve sexual performance is by practising it.
Just like any sport, you will only get better with practice.
Do it regularly. Explore more ways to make your partner excited and satisfied. And enjoy it.

#10 Zap it

Recent studies have shown that applying shockwave therapy to the penis (penile rejuvenation) can improve erectile function and improve sexual performance.
Shockwave therapy uses energy from acoustic waves to trigger a process called neovascularisation. This is the formation of new blood vessels. This helps to improve blood flow to the region.
Clinical trials of shockwave therapy have had encouraging results. The process is painless and has no side effects or downtime whatsoever.
Many men have found that their erections have improved. We also found that even if you don’t have erectile dysfunction, this therapy may further enhance the hardness, girth and strength of your erection. This service is available at our Somerset branch. If you like to know more about this drop us an email at hello@dtapclinic.com.sg

That’s All Folks!

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