7 Ways to Last Longer In Bed – Premature Ejaculation

Many men and their partners wish that they could last longer in bed. Finishing early or earlier than the partner may cause frustration and disappointment.
The main cause of this is a condition called Premature Ejaculation.
Based on a study done on 500 men, men on average lasts around 5 and a half mins. So if you are hitting this number or more, you are fine. However, if you ejaculate within 1 min, then it is considered to be premature ejaculation and you should consult a doctor and seek treatment.
Even though some men may be around the average, they may still want to last longer. So whether you have Premature Ejaculation or not, here are 7 ways that you can do to help you last longer in bed.

7 ways that you can do to help you last longer in bed.

1. Take mental breaks

Premature Ejaculation is usually a psychological issue. When one gets too sexually stimulated, that is when the man cannot control his ejaculation. One way is to distract yourself from the stimulation by thinking of mundane things like mathematical calculations or tomorrow’s grocery list.

2. Control techniques

There are a few exercises or techniques that you can apply to prevent early ejaculation. For eg.

a) The stop and squeeze technique:

Just before ejaculation, withdraw and squeeze the head of the penis. You need to do this at the right time as squeezing too late will still result in ejaculation.

b) Withdrawal technique:

Just before you feel like ejaculating, you withdraw your penis to immediately remove the sexual stimulation. This is not as effective as the one above and you would also have to withdraw at the right time and not a second too late.

c) Stop and start:

You or your partner stimulate your penis until you feel like you’re going to have an orgasm. Stop the arousal for about 30 seconds or until the feeling passes. Start the stimulation again and repeat three or four more times before you actually ejaculate.

3. Masturbate before sex

By masturbating 1- 2 hours before sex, it helps to reduce your sexual urge and the urge to ejaculate hence allowing you to last longer. Generally, after one round of ejaculation, you will need a longer time for the second one.

4. Foreplay is key

Men tend to focus on ejaculation as the only objective of sex. Focus on pleasing your partner and foreplay is a big part of that. With foreplay, it also helps to prolong the duration and heighten the pleasure. Your partner might even get more satisfaction out of this than just penetration. Find out what turns your partner on.


5. Use thicker condoms

Thicker condoms help to reduce the sensitivity of the penis and hence delay ejaculation. Although most men don’t really like using thick condoms as they might find it difficult to stay aroused or they don’t like how it feels.

6. Communicate

Talk to your partner. Let her know what you’re going through so that both of you can try out different things that can work to delay ejaculation and prolong sex. This will also promote a better understanding between the two of you and improve your relationship. With better understanding, there will be fewer disappointments or frustrations.

7. See your doctor – Erectile Dysfunction Clinic Singapore

If the above still doesn’t help, you should see your doctor and find out if you might have any underlying condition that may cause this issue. If there are any problems like Erectile Dysfunction or Diabetes, your doctor will need to treat that first.
Your doctor also can recommend or prescribe medications to help you last longer in bed. – Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Singapore
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Now that you’ve got the 7 tips, you can go out there and try it out for yourself and become the best lover you can be between the sheets.

Take Care!

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