Are All Shock Wave Machines For Erectile Dysfunction The Same?

Are All Shock Wave Machines the Same?

Not all ESWT treatments are created equal, and not all ESWT treatments will yield the results you expect.

Take for example buying a coat, the quality, craftsmanship of a product from Hermes will far exceed one bought from Giordano. Or buying a car, a Ferrari will outpace a Toyota anytime. Or even buying a timepiece where a Rolex is associated with class, exclusiveness, meticulous engineering, compared to a simpler Casio.

What separates these famous top brands from other brands is its intrinsic and extrinsic value. The history and heritage of the product, behind the scenes man hours, craftsmanship, superior materials, trust of the brand.

ED1000 vs Machine A (electromagnetic ESWT machine)
– Why the Ferrari of Shockwave therapy could be your option for Erectile Dyfunction Treatment

In the same vein, comparing the ED1000 versus Machine A, especially when you want to build your sexual confidence by having strong lasting erections – one will definitely gravitate towards the Hermes, Ferrari, Rolex.

Indulge me as I share both the clinical and technical differences between the Ferrari of shockwave treatment for Erections versus perhaps the Toyota. And of course, if all these technical details bore you, you can skip right to the verdict at the end.

  Large Energy in Large Focal Volume Lower Energy in Lower Focal Volume
RCTS – Clinical Trials ( 6 clinical Trials
(2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2013, 2013)
2 Clinical Trials
(2016 and 2018)
– data not fully published
Number of Patients 399 (29+20+20+200+70+60) 77
(23 + 54)
Medical Evidence as Meta Analysis 5 1

Reviewing the technical details, the ED1000 uses an electrohydraulic method for shockwave generation, which gives a true shockwave at all energy settings. Furthermore, this original accepted standard shockwave technology offers long term reliability.  This in turn gives a large energy output in a large focal volume which results in a superior treatment.

If we look at Machine A (other electromagnetic ESWT machines), the generation of the shockwave is akin to a loudspeaker effect and true shockwave is only generated at high energy settings. This, in turn, leads to a lower energy in smaller focal volume, requiring many more pulses to deposit equivalent energy as compared to the electrohydraulic method of shockwave generation by the ED1000.

Apart from the technical aspects, the ED1000 has been studied across 6 clinical trials since 2010, comprising nearly 400 patients. These data were also further published and medical evidence presented in 5 different meta-analysis: the strongest form of medical data evidence. This in comparison with machine A (other electromagnetic ESWT machine), studied across 2 clinical trials, earliest in 2016 and only involving 77 patients, where the results have not been published. However, this has not stopped machine A (the other electromagnetic ESWT machines) from being included in 1 meta-analysis study.

Clearly, the ED1000 has a long proven track record since 2010, studied across more than 4 times the patients of machine A (the other electromagnetic ESWT machines) and data presented more extensively in 5 different meta analysis studies.

*Figure: In hierarchy for medical evidence, meta analysis comes in at the top of the pyramid as the strongest form of medical evidence

The verdict: ED1000 comes out top across the technical comparison, clinical trials and patient studies comparison. It is the recommended option compared to machine A (other electromagnetic ESWT machines).

So yes, you may not know all the latest bedroom moves, or you may even compare yourself with your mates or the online opinions and have doubts… But one thing you can definitely do for yourself is treat yourself right.

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