Counterfeit HPV Vaccines (Gardasil 9) in Hong Kong

A recent news article surfaced a few days ago reporting that a private medical clinic in Hong Kong was supplied with parallel-imported counterfeit Gardasil 9 HPV vaccines, and had been promoting their vaccination service to visitors from mainland China.

Upon administration of the aforementioned vaccines, some of these patients developed severe side effects. As such, this matter has come under intense scrutiny by public health authorities in Hong Kong and resulted in a public uproar. – Counterfeit HPV Vaccines

Chinese Version of this content can be found here: 水货九价HPV疫苗 – 到底能够采取什么措施来避免接受假药?


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It is no doubt alarming that even health vaccines have counterfeit versions, and inevitably may cause deep concern among members of the general public. If it could happen in a metropolitan city like Hong Kong, it certainly could happen in Singapore too.

With this in mind, what measures can one take to avoid receiving counterfeit medications?

One could seek confirmation from the Health Sciences Authority Health Products Regulation Group, which ensures that drugs, innovative therapeutics, medical devices and health-related products in Singapore are regulated to meet required standards of safety, quality and efficacy. Or simply, visit a doctor that you can trust.


How Do I Know if My Gardasil 9 HPV Vaccines is Original

At DTAP, we are very committed to ensuring the health and safety of our patients, therefore we only provide 100% authentic and genuine products.

Our Gardasil 9 HPV vaccines are obtained from MSD (or Merck & Co) Pharmaceuticals from the USA, and have undergone stringent product testing and quality control inspections.

The product packaging has descriptions in English and Chinese and is labelled clearly with the “MSD” logo and a unique serial or batch number, thus ensuring that patients can have peace of mind when receiving these vaccines.

Kindly approach any of our DTAP clinics if you are considering HPV testing or to undergo the Gardasil 9 vaccines. For visitors from abroad, the nearest DTAP clinic from Singapore Changi Airport is located in Siglap, only a convenient 10-minute taxi ride away.


If you would like to learn more about HPV and the Gardasil-9 vaccine, you may read about it here: