Free HIV Testing & Free Hep B & C Testing

To coincide with World Aids Day, we have partnered with Pink Dot SG and Oogachaga to offer a total of 100 free HIV / Hepatitis B / Hepatitis C testing.

This giveaway starts from 10th December 2021, Friday and is available while stocks last.

To claim your free HIV test, free HEP B or HEP C test, please call 6397 2095 and quote one of the following,






Venue For The Tests: DTAP @ Novena

Early detection and early HIV treatment can be effective in improving one’s quality of life to be as normal and productive as possible.


More About HIV, HEP B & HEP C


Blood Borne Diseases

HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are what are known as blood-borne infectious disease, meaning they can be transmitted from one person to another through blood but they can also be transmitted through sexual contact as well.


In most individuals, after getting infected with either one or more of these viruses, the symptoms are mild if any – fever, muscle aches are common symptoms which can also occur when one in down with the flu/cold. In some individuals infected with HIV, they may experience enlargement of lymph nodes in various areas of the body like the neck, armpits, groin. For those infected with Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C they may experience yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes or some right upper tummy pains. However it is very likely that individuals infected with either of the the 3 viruses are may have little or no symptoms at all.

In addition, in many parts of Asia, Hepatitis B is common and many individuals are chronically infected but have no symptoms at all. So they may infected their family and their loved ones without realizing it. In addition, when pregnant mothers who are unaware that they are chronically infected with Hepatitis B, they can pass it on to their unborn child and can cause many complications in the unborn child.

Although Hepatitis C is less common, the infection  doesn’t usually cause any symptoms as well and like Hepatitis C can be passed to the unborn child. In addition, individuals chronically infected with Hepatitis B or C if not monitored regularly have a much higher risk of developing liver cancer.

HIV Testing & Treatment

HIV currently there is no cure available but there are highly effective medications that will control the virus to the point where many individuals who continue to take effective medications will have undetectable levels of the virus in the blood. This means that these individuals’ immune system are not significantly damaged and thus prevent many of the long term complications and prevent the progression of HIV to AIDS. In fact a large study recently involving thousands of persons living with HIV where their levels of HIV are undetectable show that there is no transmission of HIV to their partners who remain negative – Undetectable (U) = Untransmissible (U); With early detection and early effective treatment, people living with HIV now can lead normal and productive lives and can continue to contribute to society.

Hep B Testing & Prevention

Hepatitis B infection can be effectively prevented by going for Hepatitis B vaccination. But it is important to find out if you have been chronically infected with hepatitis B by doing a screening test that looks at the presence of antigen. You can also find out if you are immune to Hepatitis B if you are unsure if you are immune to Hepatitis B by doing screening antibody test.

Hep C Testing & Treatment

Hepatitis C infection can be screened with an antibody test which if positive means that you have been infected some time in the past. In such cases, you may have to undergo further testing to see if you do have the virus. Effective treatment is available these days but is costly.

The old maxim of Prevention is better than Cure holds true for all of these 3 viruses. We can prevent by practicing safe sex and prevent infecting others by doing regular screening for HIV or screening for Hepatitis B or C. This is why at DTAP we offer screening of all 3 viruses via blood tests.

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If you like to find out more, you can contact one of our friendly and professional doctors to discuss your concerns.

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