How to Look Young – By an Aesthetic Doctor

People from different age group visit aesthetic doctors for advice and treatment. There is one universal request – I want to look younger.

Is it possible to look younger than your age?

The answer is yes, only if you work on it.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your youth:


Lifestyle is the most important of all. A healthy lifestyle is key to maintaining your youth.
You are what you eat. Skin health is affected by your daily food intake. A healthy diet keeps your skin healthy and youthful. Minimise intake of junk food, fatty and sugary food.
Smoking and excessive alcohol intake are detrimental to your skin health.
Excessive sun exposure (without proper sun protection) damages your skin and accelerates skin ageing.  
Lack of sleep and exercise make you age quicker. Exercise at least 3 times a week and have adequate rest and sleep.

Skin Care Routine

Invest in the 2 most important skin care essential – sunscreen and moisturizer.
Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays. UV rays damage your skin, induce skin pigmentation and make your skin age quicker.
Moisturizer improves and maintains skin hydration. It helps lock water in the skin, which is an essential nutrient for skin cells. A well-hydrated skin is healthier and more youthful.
Keep your face clean. Wash your face thoroughly twice a day. Remove your make-up properly after a long day. Make-up is notorious in clogging and damaging your skin. Do not sleep with your make-up on!

Aesthetic Treatment

If you are already living a healthy lifestyle and having a decent skin care routine, you can then explore aesthetic treatment to maintain your youth.
The treatment focus is on 2 aspects of ageing – skin quality and facial sagging.
Skin Quality
You have noticed by now that “skin” has been mentioned multiple times. This is because healthy and radiant skin defines a youthful look. By improving or at least maintaining your skin quality, you can look younger than your age. Non-invasive treatments are usually good enough to help maintain skin health.
Some examples are a good quality facial (such HydraFacial), medical light treatment (such as IPL), mild chemical peel and radiofrequency skin treatment.
If you are more adventurous, you can move on to slightly more intensive treatment such as Clear & Brilliant Skin Rejuvenation Laser and skin resurfacing laser which helps reduce pigmentation, improve skin texture and stimulate collagen regeneration. 
If you are not terrified by injections, go for more potent anti-ageing skin treatment such as Rejuran Healer and skin booster.
Rejuran Healer promotes collagen synthesis, skin healing and repair. It contains polynucleotides which have been proven to stimulate long-term skin regeneration from the inner skin layer. This gradually improves skin elasticity, skin health and restores skin damage caused by ageing and harmful UV rays. Skin booster contains hyaluronic acid which improves skin by hydrating the skin from within. This improves the general quality and health of the skin.


The hallmark of ageing is sagging – Saggy eyes, cheeks, jowls, jawline etc. If you wish to look younger, go for aesthetic treatment that helps to lift and tighten your face.
If you dislike needles on your face, you can start with Ultherapy and RadioFrequency lifting treatment. Ultherapy uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to stimulate collagen production for face lifting and tightening without surgery. The end result is a firmer, more lifted and visibly tighter skin around the face and neck areas. The Ultherapy result is progressive and long term, therefore is a very good preventive treatment.
Those who wish to see more immediate lifting result can opt for filler and thread lift treatment. These treatments can provide immediate but temporary face lifting effect.   
Aesthetic treatment, if done by trained professionals, is safe and effective. Before you start getting any treatment done, it is important to see a doctor to get a proper assessment and advice.
I hope this article gives you some useful tips on how to look younger. You can visit for useful information on aesthetic treatment.
Take Care!

This article is written by our guest writter, Dr. Sii Sik Liong from S Aesthetics Clinic

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