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Life @ DTAP with Dr Grace Huang

A day in clinic typically begins at 8 or 9am. I see a diverse variety of patients at our Robertson Walk clinic, where in addition to regular GP services, we provide Men’s health, Women’s health, Sexual health services and Anonymous HIV Testing

Besides consulting for the usual common ailments, many patients come for sexual health screening/STD testing and anonymous HIV testing. I also see patients for men’s health issues like erectile dysfunction or low testosterone, as well as women’s health issues like menstrual abnormalities or contraceptive counselling. On a daily basis, I see patients for potentially sensitive health issues which many feel awkward or are hesitant to talk about and see a doctor for.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job is being able to reassure patients, normalise their concerns and provide them with a safe space to open up and approach these issues and get treatment.

In between seeing patients, I also answer questions pertaining to various health topics on our clinic’s online forum and write health-related blog articles to contribute to the clinic blog, both of which are part of our initiatives to increase awareness about men’s health, women’s health and sexual health issues which still tend to be under-recognised in Singapore.

With our vision of being patients’ preferred healthcare provider in Asia, DTAP strives to provide comprehensive, holistic care in a caring and collaborative environment that bridges primary and secondary healthcare. It is exciting to be part of a team that seeks to stay at the forefront of medical developments. The medical team at DTAP continually strives to improve the services we can offer our patients, from rapid STD testing, to the latest treatments for various men’s and women’s health conditions. 

If the above interests you and you are an open-minded individual with the passion to serve and be an advocate for men’s health, women’s health and sexual health, we do welcome you to find out more about being part of our dynamic team.

Dr Grace has a keen interest in Women’s health and wellness medicine. She believes communication is the key to empowering patients through facilitating a better understanding of their own health and medical issues and is always more than glad to address and allay her patients’ concerns.

Dr. Grace Huang is currently practising at our Robertson Branch

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