Life @ DTAP With Lynn Lai, Head Clinic Supervisor

My typical day as the Head Clinic Supervisor starts with checking the frontline WhatsApp group chat for any MC/urgent leave at 6am, after which I would have to do some roster management and activate covers to ensure that the day’s operations are not affected in all our clinics across Singapore.

Work then officially starts at 8am for me at the Raffles Place branch, one of our clinics that is located just a stone’s throw away from the main office, making it convenient for me to pop by the office whenever meetings are called for. Like all my frontline staff, I’d also have to do hands-on work in the clinic, be it patient registration, chaperoning, preparing and running lab specimen, billing, stock take and ordering, etc., to constantly keep myself engaged with the frontline operations.

This allows me to better understand the patient process and the difficulties faced so that I can communicate better with the frontline and backend teams to resolve those issues raised, hence improving patient experience. Whenever possible, moving around clinics managing assets, checking in with the ground staff and assessing their job skills and knowledge are also some of my tasks.

However, what I found most thrilling and fun were projects involving the opening of new clinics and starting up new services. From discussion of services to be provided, to preparing and procuring all assets, clinic stocks and opening various accounts necessary, as well as setting up the clinic and preparing for the licensing inspection and training new staff, all these have to be carefully thought through, planned and coordinated with the various departments first before execution. To see a clinic rise from nothing till the day it starts operations and play its role in the community is simply exciting.

Our company’s vision is “To be the preferred healthcare provider in Asia” through our mission of  “Providing comprehensive, holistic care in a caring & collaborative environment that bridges primary & secondary healthcare”.

We are always looking to do something new, and we are doing pretty well with the constant spearheading of services across all fields and testing methods with faster turnaround times that are not provided by the primary healthcare sector in Singapore or sometimes even Asia.

All our clinics have a niche interest in an area of medicine, for e.g. if a patient needs a proper ear wax cleaning and the Robertson branch does not have the service, the attending doctor can simply refer the patient to our Raffles branch that provides the Aural Toilet, and if a patient prefers to have a HIV test done anonymously, our Robertson branch can attend to the request with appointments being made relatively quickly. With that, our patients, even those coming from as far as India, would always come back to us because we are able to cater a wide range of quality services. It’s really a joy to see that we have become their preferred and trusted healthcare provider even if it means them having to travel a long way here.

To have so many supporters coming from around Asia, we are also looking to expand, and with that, we’ll always need to hire more staff. To the people who are looking to join the family, there will always be opportunities to learn. In our company, no position stands alone. Aside from learning the ropes of the position that you’ve applied for, you’ll also get the chance to learn the skills of the other roles too. It’s going to be an exciting journey ahead, that I can guarantee.

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