Paraphimosis – My Foreskin Is Stuck

What is Paraphimosis?

It is when the foreskin gets stuck behind the head of the penis. This condition only happens in men who are uncircumcised. Usually, the foreskin automatically gets pulled back during sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Most of the time, the foreskin goes back to its original position and that is fine. However, the problem comes when the foreskin gets stuck behind the head of the penis and is unable to move back to its original position.

Paraphimosis can happen during :
1.) Masturbation
2.) Vigorous sexual activity
3.) Penile piercing
4.) Urinary catheterisation (a tube inserted into the bladder)
5.) Or any other reason that the foreskin is pulled back to expose the head of the penis

What is Cause of Paraphimosis?

During erection, the penis becomes bigger than when it’s flaccid. So sometimes when the foreskin is rolled back in this state, it gets stuck as the penis is now bigger than it usually is and the foreskin is now too tight to be rolled back to the front.
Paraphimosis occurs when the foreskin is retracted behind the crown (corona) of the penis and can’t be returned to the unretracted position.
This, in turn, creates a vicious cycle or events. When stuck, the foreskin below the head gets swollen because it’s too tight.
Due to the swelling, there is increasing pressure on the erect penis. This will cause more tightening on the foreskin. When the pressure continues to build up below the head, this increases the pressure of the foreskin over the penis and this may lead to strangulation and entrapment of the penis. It will then prevent the blood from the erect penis to drain thus it cannot become flaccid. If this situation continues, it may cause necrosis which is the death of the penile tissue.

Symptoms of Paraphimosis:

If you have these symptoms below, it could indicate that your condition is getting serious and you should seek medical attention as soon as possible:
1.) Pain and swelling of the glans penis
2.) Inability to retract the foreskin back over to the penile glans.
3.) Discolouration, either dark red or bluish colour of the penis
The symptoms of phimosis and paraphimosis may look like other problems or medical conditions.
If your foreskin is stuck behind the head of the penis, please see a doctor as soon as you can. It is an emergency!


Paraphimosis is a urological emergency.
If you are suffering from paraphimosis, see a doctor as soon as you can.
So, you should always see your doctor for a diagnosis.

How to diagnose Paraphimosis?

What is the Treatment for Paraphimosis?


A careful physical exam by your doctor normally gives enough information to make a diagnosis. The vast majority of paraphimosis can be easily treated in a clinic by an experienced doctor. Our Doctor has treated multiple cases of paraphimosis in our clinics. A skilled doctor will be able to reduce the swelling and pull the foreskin back to its natural position. Very often, the only anaesthesia needed is a bit of ice on the foreskin to numb it.

Once the foreskin is put back in its original position covering the head of the penis, everything goes back to normal. Any swelling or pain fades extremely quickly. If the problem keeps recurring, the patient should consider undergoing a circumcision to prevent the problem from coming back. The reason why paraphimosis is an emergency is-if there is a failure to reduce the paraphimosis will result in necrosis
(death of tissue) of the glans!

If you wish to speak to our doctor about paraphimosis, please visit our DTAP Clinics or you can call us, or email us for an appointment at

Take Care!


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