Penile Rejuvenation in Singapore

Our body ages, that is an undeniable fact. Our skin gets saggy, our muscles get weaker, our blood vessels get stiffer – basically ageing.
We do whatever we can to slow down this inevitable march towards geriatrics.
We eat healthily, we take vitamins and antioxidants, we exercise regularly, we use skin products, we go for facials etc.
As life expectancy increases and lifestyles change, preserving a healthy sexual function has become more important for both men and women alike. Vaginal rejuvenation treatments including creams and laser therapies have always been available. But only recently, penis rejuvenation treatments started gaining popularity.
Nowadays many men realize that they should not wait until they suffer from erection problems or wait until their partners start to complain before they seek help. Just like everything else we do to maintain ourselves, maintaining a healthy penis function has become a priority. As they say, prevention is better than cure.
Penile rejuvenation is for people without any problems with their erection but who just want to preserve what they currently have or perhaps make it just that little bit better.

Things to do to maintain your penis health

1. Regular exercise

Yes. In spite of how trite and boring this sounds, regular exercise will help with blood flow all around the body including where it matters most for men.

2. Do not smoke

Smoking damages your blood vessels. That is how it increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks. However, years before the blood vessels in the heart or brain gets affected, the blood vessels in the penis will get affected.

3. Regular Erections

The penis, just like any other organ, needs fresh blood flow to be healthy. Blood brings oxygen and all sorts of great nutrients that organs need. The body naturally has erections while you sleep exactly for this purpose. So it is truly a maxim of use it or loses it.

4.) Penile Rejuvenation Treatments

Penis rejuvenation treatments are aimed at maintaining the health of the erectile tissue within the penis (corpus cavernosa) and the blood vessels within the penis. This maintains not only a healthy function of the penis but also prevents shrinkage of the penis due to tissue atrophy.
The most popular form of penile rejuvenation is using Low-Intensity Waves (also known as GAINSwave) to stimulate the penis tissue. This is a painless therapy that takes only about 20 minutes. There is no downtime. You can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment. There are no side effects. Most people only require a single session. This service is available at our Somerset branch. If you like to know more about this drop us an email at

That’s all Guys! Be Nice. 

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