The Good Wrinkles, Bad Wrinkles and Ugly Wrinkles

We all have a love-hate relationship with wrinkles. OK, maybe more hate than love. This is why wrinkles treatment is one of the most requested treatments in cosmetic clinics. 
Why do wrinkles bother people so much? Firstly, wrinkles are perceived as a sign of getting older. In fact, wrinkles the earliest and most prominent sign of skin ageing. Secondly, it is almost impossible to hide wrinkles. Makeup? Sunglasses? Good luck with those. Lastly, they always start appearing in the most prominent areas – around the eyes and forehead.    

Are wrinkles all that bad?

I like to look at wrinkles from a different perspective, a little differently. I put them into 3 unique categories – the good, the bad and the ugly wrinkles.

Wrinkles – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Good Wrinkles?

“Good wrinkles? Are you sure they are good, doc?” This is a common reaction I get whenever I mention good wrinkles. But trust me, getting rid of good wrinkles may, in fact, make you look unnatural and less attractive. The best example of good wrinkles is what I call the gentleman’s wrinkles. Some wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes are acceptable for men after 30 years old. These wrinkles make men look more attractive and distinguished. The only reason to treat these wrinkles with a small amount of botox regularly is to prevent them from becoming deep permanent wrinkles. Sometimes, simple treatment that improves skin hydration and quality can also prevent these wrinkles from worsening. 
What about ladies? Mild forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet look good in mature ladies. Overtreating these wrinkles often produce an unnatural and frozen look. It also removes natural facial expression which is often what makes ladies look attractive.

Now, what are bad wrinkles? 

Bad wrinkles are the wrinkles that have been around for so long that they become permanent deep lines. Imagine a piece of thin paper that has been folded repeatedly. The lines over the folded areas become static and permanent. Wrinkles that initially only appear when you frown or raise your eyebrows become permanent even at resting state.  
Examples of bad wrinkles are the frown and forehead wrinkles. Static frown wrinkles make you appear unapproachable and unhappy. Static forehead wrinkles make you appear older than your age.

How do you deal with bad wrinkles?

Start early! If you are genetically blessed with having wrinkles early in your age, you should really consider getting the preventive treatment done.


Botox (Botulinum toxin) treatment is a very useful treatment to delay this process. Botox relaxes the facial muscles that create wrinkles. It also helps tighten the skin around the treated area. Getting regular botox treatment done early can prevent or at least delay your wrinkles from getting worse as you age. 

Ultherapy and RadioFrequency tightening

You can also consider having skin tightening treatment such as Ultherapy and Radio Frequency treatment. Ultherapy uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to stimulate collagen production. It can effectively tighten and lift facial skin and reduce wrinkles formation. It can be done once a year as a preventive treatment. In between Ultherapy treatments, RadioFrequency treatment is very useful to further enhance the collagen stimulation effect. 

Skin Treatment

Improving your skin quality will delay the formation of bad wrinkles. Skin treatments such as Hydrafacial, rejuvenation laser, intense pulsed light (IPL), Rejuran and skin boosters are some of the examples. Rejuvenation laser such as Clear and Brilliant helps improve skin texture. Rejuran and skin booster enhance skin hydration and collagen building. All these will help delay the skin ageing process and bad wrinkles formation.

Ugly wrinkles

Unfortunately, most people choose to ignore ugly wrinkles because they do not realize how much these wrinkles can affect their overall appearance. Examples of ugly wrinkles are under eye wrinkles, neck wrinkles and wrinkles at the back of the hands. Most people will often get their facial wrinkles treated to appear younger but fail to realize that they’re under eye wrinkles, hand and neck wrinkles will give away their real age.
Under eye-wrinkles are very common even in young people. They get worse with lifestyle factors such as chronic lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, stress and prolonged exposure to computer and mobile screen. By improving your lifestyle, these wrinkles often improve but may not be significant. It is then recommended to consider getting aesthetic treatment to further improve these wrinkles. Treatments such as lasers, fillers, skin booster and skin tightening treatment can help reduce these ugly wrinkles.
Hands and neck are often the most neglected parts. These lines can be improved with a fractional laser such as clear and brilliant or CO2 laser, skin tightening treatment such as Ultherapy, and hyaluronic acid injections such as Juvederm Volite skin booster and Rejuran. 
If this article has not given you any important clues about wrinkles management, I would like to emphasise on one take-home message: Start treatment early! 
If you wish to have any treatment done, it is very important to see a doctor for an assessment and advice before embarking on your aesthetic treatment journey.
The good, the bad and the ugly. Till next time. 
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