Top 5 Health-related gifts under $99!

Sometimes it gets really difficult choosing the right gift for someone. After all, everyone’s taste and needs are different. I remember having to get Christmas presents for my friends and family and had to really wreck my head to see what would be useful for them, carry good value and yet conveyed that I cared about them
I figured, what better way to share care then to get them something health related that would send that message. I soon discovered that the usual aromatherapy candles for relaxation, massagers or even that bottle of expensive vitamin C were all cliche gifts as they often found their way back into the rewrap, regift to another circuit !
Whether you’ve put in a lot of thought like me, or even having to get something at the 11th hour, we all want to see the joy of acceptance of our gift by the recipient that they can exclaim: wow this is definitely useful, I am going to keep it and use it for myself !
We hope that these gift ideas can go a long way in sending the message to your recipient that you care about their health.

1. Yoga Mat $40

If the person you are buying this gift for works out avidly, then a yoga mat is always a good choice. Although it is bulky and may be quite difficult to wrap as a present.

2. Weighing Machine with Body Fat Percent $98.00

What better way to keep track of your body fat from all the festive treats then a weighing machine! Warning: Not for the faint hearted.

3. Portable Automatic Massager $98

With all the aches and pains experienced from a sedentary lifestyle, this is the perfect gift to help untwist any knots in the stiff muscles!

3. Kitchen Juicer $75.00

Falling sick often? Late nights? Long Hours? Nothing beats liquid Vitamin C for your daily nutritional needs.
Note: Oranges sold separately 😛

 4. DTAP Clinic Travel Kit – $54.00

Still need a useful and considerate item under $99? Look no further as we present you our very own DTAP Clinic Travel Kit ! Don’t leave home without it!