Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where you have difficulty or inability to get an erection or sustain one.
Even though more and more men are coming out to seek help on this issue, there are still many myths that are still circulating out there about this condition.

Here I would try to address the 7 myths that men have about Erectile Dysfunction.

#1: Only affects older men.

Many men think that one only gets Erectile Dysfunction when they’re old or above a certain age.
I have met many patients below the age of 40 years old who are affected by Erectile Dysfunction.
So if you suspect you might have Erectile Dysfunction, do speak to your Doctor or come to see any of our doctors to find out if you are suffering from ED.

#2:  It’s a normal part of ageing.

For those above 50 and start to experience symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, you should seek help.
Yes, it’s true that older age is more associated with Erectile Dysfunction, however, you should not just accept it and not do anything about it.
It is not a normal part of ageing.
It is treatable.
See a doctor and speak to him.
You will be amazed at how much your life will change when you get treated for Erectile Dysfunction.

#3:  When you’re married so long, it’s normal.

Some men think that it’s maybe due to loss of interest or attraction towards their wife with whom they’ve been married to half of their life.
There are many couples who have fulfilling sex lives even long into their twilight years.
It is possible to still have that spark with your wife despite being married for a long time.
So if you are losing your erection, speak to a doctor about your symptoms.

#4: I don’t want to be addicted to the blue pill.

One of the main treatments for Erectile Dysfunction is the oral medication (eg. Viagra)  that helps increase blood flow towards the penis.
Many men worry that they become dependent or ‘addicted’ to take it.
This is wrong.
There is no addiction or dependence to the medication.
Speak to your doctor to find out how you can be treated properly for your ED.

#5:  The only treatment is the blue pill.

ED is most commonly treated by giving oral medications called PDE5 inhibitors.
There are several versions of this erectile dysfunction medication.
If one is not suitable for you, your doctor may suggest others.
When you see your doctor, he will perform an assessment and based on that, he will advise the appropriate treatment for you.

#6: There is no treatment other than pills

There are men who are unable to tolerate PDE5 inhibitor pills.
For them, there are other alternatives like injections or Electro ShockWave Therapy (ESWT).
Do speak to any of our doctors to find out which type of treatment is suitable for you.

#7: ED is just a sexual issue, not a medical problem.

ED is mainly a personal issue.
However, certain medical conditions like diabetes may also give rise to ED.
So don’t take this condition too lightly.
It is best to discuss with your doctor so that he can help you do the necessary assessment and tests to see if you might have other underlying conditions.


That’s All Folks!

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