Let’s Size it UP: Truth behind penile enlargement

Penis size has always been something that men are preoccupied with. Most men think that bigger is better. It is also directly linked to their self-esteem and self-confidence. Some men get self-conscious when they’re in the changing room comparing themselves with other men who apparently have bigger penises.  Some even feel that if they are not big enough they may not be attractive to the ladies or adequately satisfy their partners. That is why if you search on the internet for penile enlargement, you will get a lot of different products and services listed in order to help you achieve it. The products include things like pills, creams, massage oils, injections and even surgery. The question is do they really work? Or are they just banking on men’s’ fears and obsessions?

In this article, I will explore some of the popular treatment options available and see if it really works or is it just a waste of your money.

What is normal size?

First of all, let us establish what is considered normal. Do some men feel that they are small, but are they really? Many studies have shown that men who think their penises are small actually have normal-sized penises. It is only considered small if the Stretched Penile Length (SPL) is less than 7cm or 2.8 inches. This is measured from the base of the pubic region to the tip of the penis when it’s stretched. Anything longer than this is considered normal size.

Penis enlargement products:

Pills, creams and lotions

These products usually contain herbs or ingredients that manufacturers claim help to increase penile length. Actually most of them only supposed to help to improve blood flow to boost erection. It doesn’t really change the actual penis size or length.

Vacuum pumps

These pumps work by drawing more blood into the penis causing the penis to swell and get engorged. It might make the penis appear bigger temporarily but prolonged use may damage the tissues in the penis and may cause the erections to be less firm.


This is similar to penis massage and sometimes are called jelqing. Using both hands to massage the penis to improve blood flow and hoping to increase the length. This technique may be safer but it is not scientifically proven to work. If not done properly may cause pain  or injury to the penis.


Filler injections

Some clinics in other countries offer filler injections using ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid which is typically used to even out wrinkles. A few small scale studies have shown temporary improvements in penile length and size. However bigger studies are required to establish its efficacy and currently it is not a medically approved procedure in Singapore.

Penile surgery

This would be the most extreme method of penile enlargement. There are different techniques done by different surgeons. So far this is the only proven method of penile enlargement. However, there are several potential risks and complications to consider.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

This procedure works by applying low-intensity shockwave to the penis. This helps to increase blood flow and circulation. Some patients experience bigger girth due to the increased blood flow but no change to the penile length. 

Important things that you can do:

Seek medical consult

Speak to a doctor who can advise you whether you have a small penis and what would be suitable for you.

Talk to your partner

You may feel inadequate but your partner may not have any problems with it. Communicate this to your partner so you can discuss what’s best for you. It may not be about size but could involve certain sexual preferences.

Lose weight

Most of the time, the penis may appear smaller due to excess belly fat. After losing weight especially around the tummy area, your penis will appear longer and more obvious.

Trim your pubic hair

A thick bush may make your penis appear hidden and hence smaller than it actually is. Trimming the pubic hair helps to reveal more of it and make it appear longer or bigger.

Bottom line:

Many men believe that increasing the size of their penis will make them more of a man, more attractive or better in bed. However, it’s highly likely that their penis is within the normal range.

Even if you want to make it bigger, there are no proven ways to do it without risk or complications.

Most of the time it boils down to your own perception about what the size of the penis means to you and your partner. So do speak to a doctor or a healthcare professional to ascertain where you lie with regards to penis size and what is best for you.