U=U: Science, not Stigma – This year’s Singapore HIV Congress 2019 theme

“U=U: Science, not Stigma” is this year’s Singapore HIV Congress 2019 theme. The congress highlighted the ever-growing body of evidence supporting HIV testing, treatment and prevention, and on the ways in which science and stigma intersect. DTAP (Dr. Tan and Partners) clinic is proud to be part of the Singapore HIV Congress 2019 and continuously provides support to help end the transmission of HIV in Singapore by 2030 though our support of the Community Blueprint.

What is the Community Blueprint? Find out more: U=U: Science, Not Stigma

Dr. Jonathan Ti is a GP at DTAP @ Robertson clinic. He has a special interest in sexual health and HIV, and is a co-author of the Community Blueprint to End HIV-transmission and AIDS in Singapore by 2030, and part of the National PrEP Taskforce.

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