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Dr. Yeong Huiqing

Dr. Yeong Huiqing, M.D. is a passionate medical professional with a multidisciplinary background. Committed to patient-centred care, preventive medicine, and comprehensive healthcare services for families, she continually pursues knowledge and dedicated practice across multiple fields of medicine.

Dr. Yeong graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Engineering degree from the School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at Nanyang Technological University in 2011 and pursued her medical education at Duke-NUS Medical School after honing her research skills with A*STAR for two years. She graduated with a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in 2017. 

Driven by a genuine interest in all aspects of medicine, she has then trained under specialists across various medical disciplines, including general medicine, obstetrics & gynaecology, family medicine, emergency medicine, and children’s emergency medicine. Providing care to all individuals across all age groups, she developed an expertise spanning acute and chronic conditions, emergencies, and preventive healthcare. Dr. Yeong received recognition for her dedication to her work when she was awarded the OneCGHCares Exceptionally Excellent Award in 2020 and the COVID Resilience Medal (CRM) in 2022. 

Continually zealous to learn more for the benefit of her patients, she further obtained a Graduate Certificate in Child Development and Adolescent Health in 2023. She is also currently working towards a Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine as a member of the College of Family Physicians in Singapore. 

Dr. Yeong emphasises patient empowerment in managing health issues and advocates for preventive measures to achieve better health outcomes. Her patient-centred approach prioritises the well-being of every individual under her care, regardless of their age or medical needs. She is a trusted healthcare provider dedicated to the welfare of her patients.

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