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Node swell front of neck?

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  • Node swell front of neck?

    Dear Drs,

    I would like to seek your advices on the following if you please before i make any more doctor's visits*

    I have been experiencing some "tightness" around my neck region especially on the right side of my neck for the past 2 months which is on and off:
    i) One lymph node swell (less than 2cm), just on the right side of my hyoid bone.
    ii) Pimples and pustules have been popping out mainly on the right side of frontal neck (minimum on the left), and also on nape area (i guess its folliculitis) - is this because of the lymph node drainage?
    iii) Inside of my right ear itch from time to time and i do feel behind my right ear, theres something "pulling" or "tightness" which gradually resolves itself in about 5 to 10seconds.
    iv) Petechiae (not severe) i noticed have been "coming out" on my forearms too (my forearms do feel like a tingling sensation before petechiae appears)
    v) Blanching rashes appearing near my knuckles mainly which comes on and off in 10 to 15mins~ (calculated based on the past 10 occurences).
    vi) Very light splinter hemorrhage appearing in two of my fingers - does not connect all the way to the bottom of the nail.

    While i understand these "symptoms" to be quite alot, i have been to the same GP 3 times, and my GP dismissed it as:
    (i) and (ii) lymph node swell - if less than 2cm, nothing to be worried about and its not painful and it is movable, so I shouldnt mind much but mentioned that the pustules might have been the drainage point for the lymph node - gave me anti-bacteria washes instead
    iii) Inside and behind of right ear: used an otoscope to check inside, and its very clear, no swelling and such, but cant explain the occasional itchiness i get
    iv) Petechiae - doctor dismissed it as saying its natural when we age (he is an experienced 50s doctor) showed me his hands which he also have petechiae
    v) Blanching rashes around knuckles and back of hands - says it might be heat rash as it dissappears quickly (i told him the area which the blanching rashes appear will tingle before it appears) - so he asked me to drink more water and cant do much about it since it leaves no mark.
    vi) this one just appeared a few days ago.

    Doctor asked me if i am under stress lately etc, which i said im not, and it only comes after i completed a month's worth of generic doxycycline for pimples. Could this cause all these allergy reactions I am getting?

    I am pondering on my next course of action since GP dismissed all of them and I do feel my throat is tight and have to clear my throat from time to time still.

    Thanks Drs!

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    Hi Justanotherguy,

    You have a very vague collection of signs of symptoms with no underlying diagnosis to tie everything together.

    First option is do some further investigations like blood tests. This is just to rule out any other more sinister conditions, for example low platelet counts for your petechial rashes.

    Second option is to seek a second opinion. You might consider asking your primary GP for a ENT consult just to review the lymph nodes and the ear itch.



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      Hello Dr. Zeng,

      Thanks for your prompt reply and suggestions.

      Would you think it is advisable to "wait" till the coronavirus stabilises or reduced in number of reported cases before going back to the GP for ENT consult?

      I should add as well, i did two health screening checks in Dec as well as March - both blood platelets counts are within normal range of ~220k. RBC and WBC is within normal range. Some differences i saw between the two reports (they are from different clinic/hospital so understandably the laboratory measurements will be different).
      WBC dropped from 5500 to 4300 count. Liver enzymes increased readings but still within the "normal" range deemed by the results. So basically my GP told me all are within normal range, it is fine.

      I also complained of foul urine and waking up earlier almost everyday around timing of 4 to 6 (which never happened to me before). So i did urinalysis which all came out negative, i did a Gonorr/Chlamya full urinary PCR tests as well, all negative. HBV/HAV negatives, HIV negative (did all these as everyone did some googling search and mainly points to these I psychoed myself) - doctor dismissed as just stressed and issued sleeping pills, vitamin D&K.

      So if the above fits in the first option, my next option would be as what you suggested, asking primary GP to refer me to an ENT, and perhaps a blood culture to explain the petechial/tingling thingy even though platelets are normal count, a strep/staph test for my throat.

      Thank you again Dr for advice and listening ear.


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        Hi Justanotherguy,

        Please wait until the circuit breaker is lifted before seeing your doctor.



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          thanks for sharing