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red bumps on the pharynx

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  • red bumps on the pharynx

    Hello Dr.

    Hope you are doing well and having a splendid day.
    I'm a male 24, I've noticed some red bumps over my pharynx since the end of august 2017, when I had 2 (rapidly to the bottom drank) glasses of wine and ended up dehydrated for days. I've also engaged in oral sex for like 10 seconds in that time with a man. Ever since then these bumps occassionally burn and rarely one of them turns to yellow, enlarges and goes back to normal size after 2-3 days. I've also noticed some lumps under my tonsils on both sides, for which I've been told are normal lymphatic tissue but I don't think they were there before. I've been to few Gps and they all told me that's normal... I've done throat swab for bact.and fungus, neg for bact.but candida spec.was found in small species, I was given nystatin and dactanol, finished it but now bump on my right side is giving me a burning sensation. I must note that even after almost 2 new bumps appeared and they look even less in size and color but whenever I get flu or cold they sometime enlarge and become inflamed. I also wanted to test for gono.and chlamydia but there are no throat swabs for these diseases in my country, unfortunately they claim it's rare to get them in throat. I'm not sure if this is an STD because before getting this I also engaged in my first sexual activities ever, 2x. I've also noticed that these bumps burn like hell when I take a sip of olive oil. I have extra mucous production in my throat and nose and also sneeze few times a day. I'm planning to go and see an ENT but I feel like it's gonna be another dead end with wrong diagnosis and no answers with money being wasted... What do you think this might be dr.? I could really use some advice. I've also uploaded 2 pics with bumps on my oropharynx and those little lumps under my tonsils.
    thank you in advance
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    Is there any Dr. that could answer, please?


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      Hello markpeters,
      You can get STIs on your throat with oral sex. Throat gonorrhea/ Chlamydia/ syphilis are not uncommon.
      An oral yeast infection is quite common when there are changes in your immune system.
      Please get yourself screened for STIs and metabolic disorders. You should also consider visiting an ENT specialist to rule out other conditions.