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What causes snoring? What should I do to prevent snoring problem?

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  • What causes snoring? What should I do to prevent snoring problem?

    My family members claim that I snore while sleeping. I have also caught myself snoring couple of time. That’s why I have not spent a night at anyone's place. What is the cause? And is there any permanent way to stop snoring?

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    Dear Rachel,

    Thank you for your question.

    Snoring occurs during sleep when your body is in its most relaxed state. Soft tissue around the airway tends to collapse during this relaxed state resulting in snoring.

    Snoring can be related to a condition call Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It is important to diagnose this condition through a sleep study as OSA has many long term complications.

    There are different treatment and it is best to have this discussion with your doctor. However, one effective way is to use a CPAP machine.

    Hope this helps!

    For further information, please visit :


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      The use of anti snoring aids such as nasal spray, adhesive nasal strips and the use of a chin strap are additional over the counter methods which are also effective. The chin strap when fitted holds the mouth closed forcing the person to breathe via their nose and there fore unable to snore
      Snoring is the sound that results from turbulent airflow which causes the throat and nose tissues to vibrate while you are asleep. About 45% of adults snore occasionally, and about 25 % are habitual snorers. Problems with snoring is more prevalent in males and persons who are overweight, and it tends to get worse with age.


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        Snoring can be a problem for you and the people nearer to you. It can be caused because of obstructed air movement takes place during breathing while sleeping.
        Identifying the actual cause of snoring can help to choose the right cure. There are some home remedies that help you to overcome snoring problem:
        Sleeping on a side instead of back.
        If you have any allergies, infections, cold, flu, try inhaling steam from hot water. This will help to open nasal passages and breathe easily.
        Buy Sleep Genie, doctor prescribed anti snoring device.


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          Snoring is really a bad habit even I am facing this problem from a very long time. I ordered a device named sleeplab for this issue but nothing happened. Beware of these devices!!