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Signs of breast cancer?

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  • Signs of breast cancer?

    How to notice if the woman is going through breast cancer?and How it can be treated?

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    The most common sign of breast cancer will be a breast lump. However, there may be other possible signs as well such as abnormal skin or nipple changes over the breast.

    The best way to ascertain the presence of these lumps would be do undergo a mammogram and possibly a biopsy of the lump if necessary.

    If you have unfortunately been diagnosed, treatment options for breast cancer can range from surgery or chemo/ radiotherapy, depending on the stage and extent of the disease. This will be determined by the breast specialist.

    Hope this answers your queries.


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      Here are some signs of breast cancer:

      A lump found in the breast and these lumps are painless
      Swelling of breast
      Redness or pain in the breast
      Asymmetry development of breast, change in size

      The treatment depends on the status of the disease. The decision of surgery is taken by the team of oncosurgeon, oncologist and radiation specialist.


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        There are ways like nuclear medicine and tests to identify the cancer.


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          Some common signs of breast cancer

          There is not just one sign of breast cancer; if you carefully notice, you will find many signs of it. We have mentioned some of them so to help you analyze the problem, if any:

          Nipple discharge

          Nipple discharge is not that much of a concerning factor as both men and women have discharge from both of their breasts. However, if it only discharges from one of the boobs, it can be an early cancer sign. Additionally, it becomes more distinct if it is clear or bloody look-wise. However, the other factors because of which you may experience nipple discharge are:
          • Squeezing the nipple.
          • Having an infection

          It does not matter whether it is a sign of cancer; you must see your doctor.

          To read more about signs of breast cancer and other cancer related articles please visit :
          Problem in Breathing, Change in Weight, Nipple Discharge etc. are some signs of Breast Cancer. To know about more symptoms go through this detailed article.