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  • CBD Oil

    I want to know about CBD oil. What this oil do in human body and what's the side-effect of this.

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    Can you use CBD oil for pain relief?

    Yes. CBD oil can defiantly alleviation pain and there are many testaments from all forms of continual pain patients that use CBD and vouch for that. In terms of medical proof, but, CBD became observed as a beneficial in treating infection, ache and sciatic nerve pain. It does so by way of stimulating the Endocanaboid System (ECS) that is liable for regulating urge for food, sleep ache and the response of the immune gadget inside the human frame. In reality CBD is considered to be so effective in treating ache that it is even used to deal with ache related to Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer and arthritis.
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      This is a very interesting question
      CBD is one of the chemicals found in hemp and marijuana plants
      Compared to THC, CBD is the less psychoactive substance
      In other words, it if the THC and not the CBD that gives people the high from smoking marijuana
      Marijuana has been used to treat various medical conditions including pain control and to treat mental health conditions
      It has also been used to alleviate some of the side effects associated with cancer treatment
      There are 4 main ways people consume CBD:
      1. Inhaling it by smoking or vaping
      2. Applying on the skin
      3. Dripping under the tongue
      4. Eating it as gummies or other consummables

      Recently, there was a spate of Vaping related lung disease in the US some even resulting in death
      This has been traced back to the use of Vitamin E acetate to cut THC in vape fluid


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        I started using full spectrum cbd canada a few months ago to help beat generalized anxiety/depression. So far it seems to have helped quite a bit. Makes me feel relaxed (but not high relaxed) and helps with my sleep.
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          Originally posted by Mannyrami View Post
          I want to know about CBD oil. What this oil do in human body and what's the side-effect of this.
          CBD oil has many different effects on the human body/mind. It binds with the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain. It's specific effects vary from person to person.