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How does dieting and exercising helps to treat diabetes?

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  • How does dieting and exercising helps to treat diabetes?

    I have had diabetes for more than about 12 years now. I have never been "over weight" however right now I weigh more than I ever have. I know I have to change up my eating habits but in the mean time I was thinking about going on proper diet. Is there any diet that someone can recommend for a Type 1 diabetic? Are exercising and dieting not enough to treat diabetes issues?

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    Hi georgewhittington, thank you for your query. First off, I must comment that Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus are extremely different diseases, and any such dietary advice would depend on which one we are dealing with. As you mentioned Type 1 Diabetes specifically, I can plainly state: No, exercising and dieting alone would NOT be enough to treat T1DM. This is because T1DM is caused by an autoimmune destruction of pancreatic islet cells - these cells produce the hormone insulin in response to a rise in blood sugar levels (i.e. after meals). Without insulin, the sugar in your blood would not be able to move into the cells for energy, and high levels of sugar in the blood can be very damaging to the vessels and the rest of your organs as well. Type 1 Diabetics require external insulin to be administered with their meals so that they do not develop dangerously high blood sugar levels. Type 1 Diabetics can learn to "count sugars" in their meals and adjust their daily dosage of insulin according to this and the amount of exercise that they do, but this should be done together with a specialist nurse educator and dietitian.

    In contrast, T2DM is caused largely by a resistance to insulin hormone at the cellular level. There is very good data that diet and exercise play a very large role in the development and progression of T2DM. As such, diet and exercise can be enough in some cases to treat early stage T2DM (or ideally prevent it). Again, this should still be done with consultation by a doctor and/or dietitian.


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      Diet and exercise are very useful for managing diabetes. Consuming a balanced diet and exercising regularly not only maintains sugar levels, but also controls the levels of lipids in the blood and lifts up your mood. It also leads to high energy levels, keeps blood vessels healthy and also help in losing weight. People with diabetes should include plenty of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, low fat or fat free dairy products, and lean protein in their diet.


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        Diet and exercise considered as the most effective treatment for type 1 diabetes but you make sure that you will follow the proper diet and exercise otherwise it will not work. Sometimes what happens if you follow the diet but not doing exercise then it affects your cardiovascular health you will suffer from the problem. So make sure you will go hand In hand. Start something you enjoy the most like walking and stick to it. Walk at least for 30 minutes for a day but before going for exercise consult your doctor is it ok to do or not. 3-5 days per week of exercise is sufficient to increase sugar blood levels. You can go for anything like aerobic exercise or strength training both are beneficial for blood sugar levels.


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          Sorry paulgonzales86, but I do believe you may be referring to type 2 diabetes, where diet and exercise are certainly helpful to improve insulin sensitivity and reverse metabolic disease. However as I have mentioned, type 1 diabetes is a totally separate disease and is caused by an absolute lack of insulin production by the pancreas - this will not be treated by diet or exercise; insulin injections are required here. Concurrent lifestyle modification is important but they are not the cornerstone of treatment for type 1 DM. Thank you.


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            In order to protect yourself from diabetes, in any case you need to play sports and eat right. I also had problems with it, but I found a company that did a daily mailing list of products and dishes that can be used (atompark). Only this helped me


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              You must reduce the carbohidrate from your diet and take balance food including protin. Don't skip th exercise.