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I'm very worried about my eyesight

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  • I'm very worried about my eyesight

    I love reading before bed, but I'm very worried about my eyesight. Tell me how to take care of my eyesight so that a whole day working at the computer and in the evening two hours of reading before bedtime will not harm my eyesight.

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    First, I want to recommend you do eye exercises. Secondly, you need to properly configure your monitor in order to prevent dry eye syndrome. If you like to read before bedtime, then I advise you to do this while sitting in bed and be sure to use the right lighting for this. In this article you can find more information. Also don't forget about breaks to relax your eyes. I know that poor eyesight is very difficult to correct and it's better to take care of the health of your eyes in advance.


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      try not to read or stay behind the computer 2 ours before go to sleep .