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Request for HIV risk assessment

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  • Request for HIV risk assessment

    Hello Dr.
    I would like to sincerely thank you on everyone’s behalf for the kind work. Can you please suggest if any of these activities I recently engaged in put me at risk for HIV. There was no penetrative intercourse, no oral , no genital to genital contact and no fingering. The only activities are :
    1) unprotected handjob at massage place where most likely she touched her vagina 1 or 2 minutes before she give me handjob. Can small amount of vaginal fluid on her hand transmit the virus to me during a rough handjob?
    2) she had a healing wound on her thigh. It was not freshly bleeding but while undressing if she had touched her wound and then proceeded with handjob few minutes later. Will some traces of dried blood on her hand (if she touched her wound) transmit the virus to me via handjob.
    Does me having genital herpes (no active sores were present) increase the risk of hiv transmission through contaminated hands during handjob in the above two events.
    3) I did open mouth kissing for 2 minutes but not deep.

    There is conflicting Information online regarding hiv transmission through mutual masturbation with traces of vaginal fluid on givers hand.
    Can you please suggest if any of the three activities pose any risk for HIV transmission?
    Your expert opinion will be greatly helpful and thank you very much.
    Best wishes to you and your team.

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    Hello Dr.
    I don't mean to harass you but It is a humble request, can you please address this post since my anxiety is driving me crazy due to the ARS kind of symptoms i have had 2 weeks after this event and is still there. As attached in the pictures I have had these tiny bumps/ rash on my arms, little bit of chest and back shoulders since 2 weeks after the event. I still have them. I had fever on 16th day which settled in 2 days but the pain in throat continued for 2 weeks. Had diarrhoea just once 6 days after the fever. Lymph node in right side of groin has been extremely painful for last 3 weeks and now after 5 weeks since the event i have this tiny painful ulcer on the underside of my lips.
    There was definitely no direct genital to genital contact or oral genital contact. Just a rough hand job where she touched her vagina and maybe her dried wound before the hand job.
    1)Do you think there is any remote possibility of HIV transmission since the massage girl touched her vagina briefly and gave me a hand job with contaminated hands. She had done some cupping therapy on herself few days ago and had some red blotches on her body along with her healing would on thigh that I mentioned in previous post.
    2)Does that rash look like ARS rash in the picture and is mouth ulcer on the underside of lips cause of concern from HIV/ ARS perspective ?
    It would be great help if you can kindly comment. I have attached the pictures below. Thank you so much and sorry to bother you but I just couldn't help asking you this due to the mad anxiety I am going through.

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      Have u tested?
      Bicoz I even got same symtoms after visiting massage parlour

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    In my opinion you are not at any risk of HIV nor are your symptoms in anyway look like ARS
    I suggest since your fear is taking such a high mental toll on you that you should really just go get tested for your peace of mind
    For more info on HIV ARS, read the link below
    Acute Retroviral Syndrome, or ARS. These acute HIV symptoms may occur in about 70-80% of people. ymptoms or signs of late stage HIV / AIDS may include


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      Hello Dr.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my concern
      . I will get tested this week.
      All the best wishes to you and your team.
      Thanks a lot.


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        Have u tested?
        Bicoz I even got same symtoms after visiting massage parlour


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          You were not at risk of hiv from the begining .I m sure you will be having negative result .