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HIV risk through wound

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  • HIV risk through wound

    Hello DrTan and Partners,
    Last Sunday I went to a place for HIV blood check. The problem was when the person was drawing my blood from my right hand, I placed my left hand on the table for 3 minutes and there was a cut (5mm long, 1-2mm wide). The cut was not yet for one day (just around 20 hours) and I could still see the redness amd feel hurt even though I think that the wound did not bleed.
    I was afraid because I did not pay attention if there waa any fluid or blood (fresh or dry) from other people and I might placed my finger on the place that had blood or fluid of an infected person.
    Could you answer for me if I am at risk?
    Thank you

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    Hello dr,
    Could you answer my question? I am so worried and dont know what to do.
    Thank you


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      Your risk of HIV from the above situation is zero.
      I hope this article is useful.
      The neighbouring country has just built a wall to keep outsiders out. These outsiders do not have a passport and are trying to get over the wall through different means. The HIV virus is one of these outsiders, they will try all means to get across the wall We will discuss in this article,  the