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    I was at a reputable facial salon and the therapist did use a clean needle from the packaging to pick out pimples/ milia seeds from my face. But I noticed she jab the needle right into the pillow to pick up the extractor. And used the same needle back on my face. I’m not too sure about the cleanliness of the pillow but there were no visible blood stains.

    How deep will a needle have to go inside skin tissue for any infection? Or is there any chances of infection?

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    Dear Denise_h,

    These salons use a needle to create a tract (a very superficial tract) so that the milia/pimple can be more easily extracted. It should not result in any blood contamination. I feel your risk of a blood-borne STD is negligible, if that is your concern. However, there is still risk of a skin infection as there are small wounds on your face. Do make sure your face is washed properly after such a session.

    Thank you