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Fear of contracting HIV

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  • Fear of contracting HIV


    one 21st June, I had approached a CSW, though no penetration has happened (i.e. oral, vaginal, anal), I suspected that my urethra had came into contact with her vaginal fluid. She had also sucked my nipple, as well as touched my face after washing her vagina. My concern is:

    1) What are the risk of contracting HIV is my urethra came into contact with her Vaginal Fluid outside her vagina? (i.e no penetration)
    2) If no penetration happened, are the chances of getting HIV negligible? (i.e. vagina fluid on her hand and she touched my face with pimple.)
    3) Would you recommend me to check any other STDs as well?

    I've done a 4th Generation Rapid test (according to the doctor was 99.7% accurate) 36 days after exposure, and came back negative. What are the chances of false negative?
    I hope to get a reply as I am a Hypochondriac and my initial plan was to test 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month, but my current worry is stressing me out. During consultation the doctor was in a hurry and I didn't get to ask much question as well.

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    chances are very very very slim.your hiv test negative is good indication but to be more sure retest after 4 weeks again.

    but ur chances once again i said negligible and very slim.

    negligible means theretically it can happen but in real life no case recorded.

    please remember that urethra is inside the pee hole .i think your pee hole touched with vaginal fluid .if u are circumcised then chances are more less.


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      Thank you Syed for the reply!

      Would any doctor like to chime in on this as well?


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        To elaborate on point 1) which is the main reason I fear getting HIV or any other STD, My urethra may have came into contact with her outer vagina (possibly vaginal fluid) when my penis (uncircumcised) went limp after ejaculating. Would vaginal fluid mix with my semen at the tip of my penis and would that be a way of transmission for HIV/STD? Or would the short 2-3s exposure of vaginal fluid to my urethra be a risk?

        As well as I was informed that I might get Herpes from getting my nipple sucked, is it true?