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  • Pre ejaculatory fluid

    Dear doctor tan,

    I have received a handjob by a male. He masturbated himself first before helping me. I noticed that his hand contains large amount of precum as it was slippery when he touched my inner foreskin. He was really rough and my foreskin was swollen (felt thick) after the event.
    I note that the risk here is theoretical as it is scientifically possible to obtain hiv from this manner. Yet not a case of hiv have been contracted through handjob.
    1. Do i assume that the handjob in the cases are 'dry' handjob? would like to know your stance on this issue.
    2. Can i hope for a negative result if i were to get tested?
    3. May i know if PEP is usually prescribed based on the guidelines?
    4. I washed my penis with soap later but did not clran it properly. Does this increase my risk of inflammation and hence increase risk?

    Thank you really much for taking a look at my situation.
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    1. No idea. The studies are not so specific. The fact is, if semen contaminated with HIV virus comes into contact with your foreskin or urethra, there is a theoretical risk of infection.
    2. I do not know how to answer this question. I think what you want to know is that I think your risk of getting HIV from this is miniscule.
    3. I also cannot answer this questions. Guidelines are not so specific. That is why Doctors still have jobs. You need to discuss this with your Doctor to get formal medical advice on whether you should be on HIV PEP or not.
    4. I do not see how this affects your risk.


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      Thank you doctor tan for your response.
      I just have 2 last questions to ask, sorry for being bothersome.
      1. Have you heard of any cases similiar to mine?
      2. I know this forum isn't used for dispensing medical advice, but i am still curious on what's the doctors view on whether pep should be prescribed in this case.

      Thank you, really appreciate your efforts for clearing the doubts of us netizens.


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        do not need to panic much .your risk is very very very very minimal.i m very much sure if u will get done one hiv 4th generations test after 4 weeks u would be in ease of mind and ur result will be negative .Hiv is very fragile virus it can not be very powerful once it comes out in oxygen or air .Hiv virus is very much powerful while doing vaginal or anal sex .


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          Doctor, i do understand that the risk is really low and this site is not used to dispense medical advice due to legal and ethical reasons.
          But i am still a student and i am still at 2 days now. If i am at a significant risk, i have to inform my parents to get pep because i cant afford it. I kept thinking about this everyday.

          I do not want to put the doctor in a difficult spot, but i would want to know what is the doctor view on pep with regards to my situation?

          Thank you


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            you do not require Pep as per above incident .
            secondly , hiv virus will transfer if direct contact with mucous membrane.In your case it was not direct contact .Trust me if this is the only episode as u described if u go for hiv test your hiv result will come negative .

            you can do 4th generation hiv test in the 5th or 6th week of last exposure .


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              Dr. tan......
              i have a case......Me and ma partner test negative but... experiencing HIV related symptoms........... it's 3 month from the risky (unprotected sex) now

              ​​​​​Can the Virus hide for three months ??


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                90 days enough time to detect hiv virus if ur result is negative after 90 days and in between u did not involve in any risky behaviour then yes ur results are conclusive .