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  • What's my risk ?

    Good afternoon Dr. 6 months ago, I received unprotected oral sex(only oral sex) from a girl whose hiv status I do not know, when asked, she claims to be clean. 3 hours prior our oral sex session, I decided to shave my pubic hair on my shaft and noticed that there were few bleeding tiny razor bumps , but I just washed it off. Assuming if there was blood in her mouth, what are my risks of getting hiv in this situation ? I'm really scared . Please do help ! Thank you so much .

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    Do u remember any visible blood in her mouth which was bleeding actively .I m sure you did not see .
    Do not scared because recieving oral sex very negligible risk .Negligible risk means rhetorically possible but in real life no case has been reported .Oral sex is 0.004% chance to transmit hiv .Always use latex condom .It is a right time if u did not involve any other exposure after this episode to get tested Hiv test i m sure u ll be negative


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      Thanks for your reply. And yes, I did not bother looking into her mouth which was my mistake and I'm lucky I didn't do any penetrative intercourse or else it might be worse for me. I've already consulted my doctor and he said there's a very low risk in getting hiv, so he recommended taking the STD test instead . Still, I need more help from you guys ! Thanks ! Keep the comments coming

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    there are only small chance of herpes or gonorea .it is a good time to test of all venereal disease including hiv and hep b and c for ur peace of mind only .i m sure all result will come negative.

    Again advise is never do penetrative unprotected sex untill or unless u are not sure always use latex condom.My advise is if u are living in singapore please visit Dr tan clinic and it has a very reputated name and do test from here .They have very qualified and professional staff who will support you .

    All the very best
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      You're absolutely right. The first thing doctor told me is to never diagnose yourself online, because constant googling about symptoms makes it worse. He tells me that i I have hypochondria. But either way, thanks for your help. It's good to know I'm at low risk. I'll try to get a grip of myself first and then get a test


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        dear .

        always remember 99.9% disease is in mind because of fobia .Its good that u have controlled urself and showing a positive attitude and i m sure just relax go and test .Your all results will be negative .


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          Thank you so much syed ! ! I think I'm worrying over nothing . If i did something of high risk(anal sex, intravenous drug use) then I should be extremely worried. Since I'm a first timer, I guess I'm pretty inexperienced and scared. I will try to cool off for a bit and take the test . Thanks once again


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            I would like to ask again. How big and deep should a cut be on the penis for the insertive partner to be infected? I mean, my razor bump was so superficial , a tiny drop of blood did come out but it's like razor burn, the bleeding stopped after a few seconds.


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              Cut should be deep and actively bleeding .superficial cuts are not at risk at all