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  • Oral sex question

    Dear Doc,
    I had a hook up with a stranger. We kissed, I was giving him a handjob and then I went down on him for what seemed like much less than a minute. He didn’t ejaculate in my mouth and I saw no traces of precum before I started performing fellatio. Briefly afterwards I spat a lot and rinsed my mouth thoroughly with water several times. What are the odds of HIV and other STDs under this scenario? Thank you in advance!

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    The risk of getting HIV from a handjob is absolutely zero.
    The risk of getting HIV from oral sex is as good as zero. Some guidelines put the risk at 0.04% but even this is a theoretical rather than a real number.

    The risk of getting and STDs from a handjob is also as good as zero.
    There are very very very rare cases of Syphilis infections on the hand.

    The risk of getting Chlamydia and/or Gonorrhea from oral sex is very real.
    You will get it in your throat.
    See a Doctor for a throat swab.
    You can also get Herpes from Oral sex.
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