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HIV risk on 2 separate occasions

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  • HIV risk on 2 separate occasions

    Hi Doctors would really appreciate if you can answer the following questions.

    1) Licked and did a small suck on nipple of a single mother (1-2 licks). Am I at risk of HIV? Because she showed me on her other nipple that she can produce milk. I have small healing lip cut from accidentally biting myself 1 day before. Didn't remember tasting any milk. Risk?

    2) Possible to get HIV from boobjob (penis at cleavage) with a girl with a pimple at her cleavage? Possible for blood to enter from her pimple through the urethra and infect? Only had hj and a boobjob. Pimple didn't burst. If it burst is there HIV risk?

    Am being very worried and the anxiety is eating me alive. What's my risk level. Thanks. :/

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    1. No risk
    2. Not possible

    You are being worried for nothing


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      thanks doctor for your kind reply. do I need to go for testing or don't need. thanks again


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        No need to test
        Take it easy
        Happy New Year