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  • HIV Risk from exposure


    - I had a massage. We both were having clothes. She was wearing underwear and trouser. I was wearing thin boxer. No Oral, Vaginal and uncovered genital contact. I hugged her and got discharged as I was rubbing myself against bed. Later on she sat on my penis and then grind it for a minute or two.

    - I did 3rd generation finger prick test on 49th day and it was Negative using

    1) Am I at risk of HIV? I am paronoid if some Vaginal fluid pass through 3 layer. I read Dr. HeadHunter and Hook responses at Also, I read According to these sites there is No Risk as
    a) Hiv virus doesn't survive in environment (non- infectable) after few seconds
    b) They will stick to the clothing
    c) Hiv doesn't survive on inanimate object after leaving host
    d) No penetration and direct contact between genitals. No risk.

    2) How much probability you asses for conclusiveness of 49th day (7 weeks) negative result, chances it to be a false Negative? I am not on prep/pen and 31 year old man.

    3) Do you think I need further testing as per these sites I don'tneed any tesing from medical point of view for this kind of exposure?

    Hoping to receive an answer from your end so that it helps in reducing my anxiety and stress.
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    Hi Docs,

    Awaiting your reply. Please help me with your valuable suggestion.



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      In my opinion you are not at risk of HIV from this exposure and do not require any testing.