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    Dear Doctors - Thanks for answering all my queries. I Had posted few queries on HIV exposure and every thing has been responded as no HIV risk . One last question.

    My wife had her period in19 days. She normally has it in 28 days. She is around 38 years old and this is the 1st time that she has had a period that short. I am worried if this is due to any STD.

    All my exposures ( masturbation through underwear, someone's spittle in eye, French kiss with Cheekbites, penis tip touching urine collection container, me touching my eye after touching a wet shopping cart ) are ruled as no risk for HIV. Is there risk of any other STD due to these activities? I am worried if I got something and gave it to my wife and that is the reason for her shortened periods.

    I assume that these activities are no risk for any STD'S. Please confirm.

    Thanks much

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    Hi, STDs in general do not cause menstrual disturbances. It would be best if she sees a doctor for that separate issue.

    Theoretically there might be a low risk of infections like herpes from your description but this is NOT related to your wife's menstrual cycle.


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      Thanks much for the reply. Which exposure might cause herpes? Also do you mean oral herpes or genital herpes?.thanks much


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        Or herpes in the eye? Please clarify