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  • Risk of Exposure

    Hi Doctors,
    I took a finger prick blood test recently at a clinic.
    During the test, the staff placed the straw/capillary tube on the desk which was later used to draw my blood .I was concerned whether the capillary tube would be considered as a risk of exposure as it got in contact with the desk and there might be hiv contaminated fluids or blood on the desk ( taken into consideration that it was a clinical setting)?
    Thank you

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    Hi Clarify456,

    No exposure risk at all.



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      Hi Dr Zeng,
      Thank you for your assurance that there is no risk of HIV involved.



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        Hi Doctor Zeng,
        I sincerely hope that you wouldn’t mind a follow up with another question.
        Is there any reason why isn’t there any risk involved since the capillary tube might be contaminated with some hiv fluids / blood on the desk (given that there might be some patients before me ) and that the capillary tube was used to draw blood from my finger later on ?
        Thank you for your kind patience .

        best regards


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          Hi Clarify 456,

          The puncture wound on your finger is caused by the stylet, not the capillary tube. The tube is simply used to collect the blood sample.

          It's also kind of puzzling that you would think that the desk is contaminated with HIV blood and fluids. Instruments like syringe/stylets, once used are immediately discharged. Even if there are fluids/blood on the table, wouldn't the doctor clean it up before attending to the next patient?

          I can assure you that the risk of you catching HIV from taking a HIV test is zero.



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            Hi Doctor Zeng,
            Thank you for your clear explanation and kind patience.
            Alright, I shall not think too much and eliminate the risk of HIV in the above-mentioned scenario.

            Best Regards