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    Hi doc, is there any hiv risk if I received unprotected oral sex from a woman. Do I need testing for this particular episode?

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    The risk is extremely low and virtually negligible (0.0001%). You can get a test done after 28 days if you wish to be absolutely safe but as said, the risk is virtually negligible. This page has a table with the breakdown of various risks from various exposures:


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      Hi Doctor , I was exposed with unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex with unlicensed sex worker last Dec 19 2018 , then i went to your clinic to get the prep meds within 70 hours post exposure , then i tested at the same time with 3rd gen hiv rapid test , after 30 days of exposure i went back to your clinic and did the 4th gen test and it was non reactive, but that time i am still on Prep meds . I was read about the 90 days window period , do i still need to do the test again after 90 days exposure and what kind of test do i need to do . Actually one of your Doctor said i am safe and move on to my life but i am still worried and not at ease . Thank u


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        The 4th generation test which you did after 28 days covers both HIV antigen and HIV antibody and therefore would be conclusive at 28 days. Even if your body had not produced any antibodies to HIV, the 4th gen test can pick up antigen. But clearly you are still thinking about it and if you find yourself unable to completely let go, then (more for peace of mind) just do the test at 3 months so you no longer need to think about this at all.


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          Dr. Huang thank you for your reply , is there any posibilities to affect the first result of 4th gen while on pep meds? Or is there any false negative result of 4th gen ? Have u ever encounter a patient at 4th gen on 30 days post exposure non reactive and then after 3 months become positive ?


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            Happily enough, neither myself nor my colleagues have ever encountered, anecdotally, a situation where a patient tested negative on 4th gen at 30 days then turned positive after 3 months.
            In any case, at 30 days, even if no antibodies had been produced, we would still be able to detect antigen.