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Risk of HIV by vaginal fluid

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  • Risk of HIV by vaginal fluid

    Dear Doctor,
    Do i have a risk of HIV if the vaginal fluid of hiv woman flow into open would?
    Last week i have an vaginal sex with an woman.( I used condom)
    But when we have sex, she acidentally scratched hard the skin below my testicular, some blood come out. After that, we continue to had sex and her vaginal fluid flow into that scratch!

    Do i have high risk of hiv infection from this accidence?

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    Hi Nguyenthanhtuan90,

    If there is an open wound n contact with vaginal fluid then yes, there is a risk of HIV.

    There is also a risk of other STDs and given the nature of what you described, it would be best to do a comprehensive STD screen that includes HIV testing. You can come down to our Robertson Walk clinic where we will be able to advise you further. this article has a section on HIV risk and transmission.