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Is this a hiv risk ?

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  • Is this a hiv risk ?

    Hello Dr !
    I had sex with sex worker 3 day ago .during sex time, I used condom , Just arount 3 minute. After that, I throw away the condom in the trash.
    I fear that the condom is broken so I pick up the condom form the trash for checking
    But there is another condom of another person in that trash. I picked up the wrong condom of another person,
    when there is still semen in it. I fill the water into that Condom to check, then I wash my hand.
    And after that i used this hand to wash my Penis.
    Are there any Hiv risks from the above situation if The semen in Wrong Condom has Hiv ?
    Thanks Dr !

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    Hi. There is no risk of HIV from touching the other used condom with your hand. However, there is still a low risk of HIV transmission from having protected sex with the sex worker, as condoms are not 100% protective. If you have concerns and are still within 72 hours of exposure, it would be best to visit our Robertson Walk clinic so that we can counsel you on Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP). While PEP may not seem necessary, it is always best to have at least have a discussion with the doctor who can advise you properly. If you are out of the 72 hour period, then we can only recommend doing tests at the appropriate time.

    There are also many other STD's which are much more common than HIV that you should consider screening for, as some of these can be passed through oral sex as well (e.g. syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc).
    HIV PEP Singapore (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) - What you need to know about PEP HIV in Singapore; the procedure, cost and what to expect from PEP treatment.