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Geylang legal CSW hiv risk.

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  • Geylang legal CSW hiv risk.

    Hi Doctor,
    like to know what are the risk of getting hiv from legal commercial sex workers from Geylang?

    Had protected oral and virginal sex but down with flu and fever after 5 days. Is this a symptom of hiv?

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    The risk of HIV from oral intercourse is virtually negligible. However, there is still a risk from protected penetrative vaginal intercourse - lower than unprotected of course, but most definitely not zero risk.
    5 days is too soon foy symptoms.

    However, you should still get a check done in view of the exposure. In addition to HIV, there are other more common and easily transmissible STDs like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis etc. You can read about STD screening here: You are more than welcome to come by our clinics for a further discussion.