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pls pls answer my post it’s a request

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  • pls pls answer my post it’s a request

    Hi dr

    i had a sexual intercourse 20days earlier vaginal only with a call girl
    i used condom and dnt think the condom break or slipped off
    i had a paper cut in my finger on the same day and I used this finger for fingering
    From day four onwards I developed stomach problem no loose motion yet but pain and nauesa
    i feel like fever from 14days after words I keep on checking the temperature but till now it’s doesnt crossed 97.7c
    i have sore Thorat also
    i am totally stressed out can’t think anything and feel like giving up
    not able to even concentrate on any other thing
    please let me know what are my chances

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    Hi and thank you for the question

    You had protected insertive vaginal intercourse
    Your risk of getting HIV is next to zero
    Your symptoms do not sound like HIV ARS
    Your sore throat could be caused by Chlamydia or Gonorrhea if you performed cunnilingus

    Don't freak out. Just get tested.
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