I picked up a semen/cum soaked underwear (not washed) from the washing machine. I am sharing the apartment with a male house mate and we usually share the washing machine. This time I picked it up because I wanted to wash my clothes and he had only one underwear in there. I felt that the underwear was wet and touched the wet semen part. I do not know how long the underwear has been left in the washing machine but I am worried if there is a risk of HIV? I do not have my bleeding cuts on my fingers but will the semen be able to enter the space beneath my nail bed and infect me that way when I touch the wet part of the underwear? Since then I have also took a shower and washed my face, do I have any risk of HIV? I would have touched my eyes and vagina while washing up. Is there any risk of transmission this way? I do not know my house mate’s HIV status.