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  • Hiv from needle

    Day before yesterday I got bitten by a unknown insect,after it bitten me I got inching,vomit,and stomach,I visited hospital to get TT that hospital after consulting the doctor we have to go to nurse cabin to get injection.after injection we have to pay to the nurse.
    after consulting the doctor,I went to nurse cabin to get injection.there she was registering the next patient's name and there was already a patient inside the room who got injected before me.
    So,when I informed her that I have to get TT injection,she took a new syringe and filled it with the medicine in to it.during that the person who injected before me came to pay to the nurse.nurse collected the amount with the same hand where she has my syringe and that currency note made contacr with my needle.after that she injected it in to my hip and all these things happened within 2 minutesminutes.
    My question is if the patient has her blood in her hand from rubbing the needle injection site and with the same hand she paid to nurse and that currency note made contact with the needle which is injected into me means can it transfer hiv to me?
    another thing is when I asked her for injection she was registering another patients name after collecting the money,as most of them are suffering from cold or fever,if that patient has cough or runny nose,and with the same hand if they paid means can it Tranfer hiv to me I'm asking this because that currency note is touched by both nurse and that patient before it touched my needle and injected into me.
    I don't know the status of those two previous,it's worring me too much.
    Please help me.