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  • Is this a risk?

    Avatar universalHi had a session with a sex worker yesterday.

    I previously tested negative on my 8th week post exposure

    Anyways, session was purely foreplay

    Body kissing, fondling,handjob. Don't judge me, but through outthe whole session, I had her put on hand sanitizer just to be safe.

    I'm particularly worried when she was giving me a handjob with her bare hands. I think I made her use the hand sanitizer(not sure) before the handjob. I didnt see any major cuts throughout my session with her tho.

    There was a moment where she touched my pee hole for like 10 seconds. I'm now worried that she may have cuts on her hands (possibly bleeding).

    Should I be worried? Is pep warranted for my case? I have major anxiety issues.

    Also, just got off the phone with her, she says that her hands merely have abrasions, but no bleeding. But I'm still worried...can someone explain to me?

    Also, she told me this is her first day and time as a worker. Previous relationship was an exboyfriend

    Please advice me on this matter. Thanks doc

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    Hi. There is no risk of HIV from what you have described. You may want to see someone for your anxiety though.


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      Thanks for the reply doc. However I am still about worried.

      In my case, does the window period apply? Also, if I go for the 4th gen test. Will a 28 day test be conclusive?


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        Yes, the window period still applies for the HIV test. So 28 days would be conclusive.
        However, you can rest assured as there is no risk of HIV from this exposure.