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  • HIV risk

    Hey dr so i had a massage where no penetration happened and she was wearing shorts so im sure no secretion came. No oral sex either, only handjob without condom and sucking breasts. I tested via ab/ag cmia at 4 weeks and 7 weeks which came out negative but after the second test i developed a swollen lymph node which has been for almost 3 weeks now. Did this affect the test? Are my tests conclusive? Should i test again? Am i at high risk?
    Thank you

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    There is zero risk of HIV from you exposure, and your tests are conclusive nonetheless. No HIV.


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      Thank you, but what about my swollen lymph node its really painful and has been for 3 weeks.


      • john101
        john101 commented
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        and would that it occurred after the test mean that the test is false?

      • Dr Tan Kok Kuan
        Dr Tan Kok Kuan commented
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        The logical conclusion would then be your swollen lymph node is caused by something other than HIV. Many infection and inflammation conditions cause swollen lymph nodes. You should really see your doctor about this and not just worry about HIV.

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      Thank you, but is there a chance its HIV? Would have that affected my results?