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  • Follow up on Sharing

    Hi, Doctor. I understand that sharing utensils should not be a concern even if my friend was bleeding but what about if both people have a cut or wound in their mouth? In my scenario, my + friend had a cut in his lip that was bleeding at one point and I also had a wound that was somewhat deep and infected and was bleeding sometimes because of a tooth infection. If the + person's blood somewhat got on the straw and I drank using it after while I have a wound in my mouth, should this still not be a concern?

    Please respond, Doctor. Thanks.

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    That is an impossible question to answer as it is impossible to have large scale scientific data for such a specific event
    Based on all the theoretical knowledge we now have on HIV, I would say that it is still impossible
    But what is the point of you continuing to worry about this?
    You can either accept the fact that you were not at risk or go get tested for HIV to get peace of mind
    Continuing to worry and analyze (even over analyze) the problem will not give you any closure
    Top 5 Myths on how you can get infected with HIV Mosquitoes Truth: Sounds scary by fortunately is a complete myth. First of all we know that the HIV virus dies


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      Hello, Doctor. I apologize if this is something that I keep following up on. I went and got an Ag/Ab test 15 days after the situation I described in my original post. The result was non-reactive. During the counselling though, I was asked by the counsellor why I got a test in the first place. I told her about the situation. She then told me about window periods and that it's best that I get a test by October or before the end of the year to make sure. She also told me to be more careful around my + friend next time. I'm assuming she meant careful with sharing straws because that was the situation that I described to her.

      Doctor, please help me understand. I know you are an expert in this field. I know that a test at 15 days is not conclusive but is there any value to a 15-day test? Do I really have to wait before the end of the year to make sure? You mentioned that I shouldn't worry about this situation. Why does the counsellor, who is a medically trained professional, say that I have to wait until the end of the year to get final results.

      Doctor, please answer my questions. I apologize again if I keep following up but I just need clarity on this. Please, Doctor.


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        Hi, Doctor. Please respond.
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