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HIV risk from possible touching of blood stains in a curtain?

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  • HIV risk from possible touching of blood stains in a curtain?

    So I went to a public hospital to accompany a friend recently. We however need to go to the laboratory to get some results but along the way we have to pass a corridor with a door with a curtain. When I passed there, I noticed some blood stains and spots in the curtain which apparently looked dried to me but I was not very sure but I needed to move away the curtain so we can get through the hallway. I was not sure if my hands touched those blood spots but then after maybe an hour, I was very thirty and need to look for a canned drinks and of course I needed to open the can with my hands and fingers. Suddenly, I was hit with concern if it is possible to get HIV this way if my hands and fingers touched those blood spots and then I touched the lid of the canned drinks and drank through it. I mean my hands could have touched the blood spots then got transferred to the canned drinks and then through my mouth. Is this possible? Im worried if I should get tested. Thank you.

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    Can anyone reply to post please?


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      Hi. There is no risk of HIV transmission from what you have described. You may read this article to learn a little bit more about HIV transmission.
      At room temperature, the HIV can survive in dried blood for 5 to 6 days. Most importantly, there have been no validated cases of HIV transmission through casual touching of surfaces or objects (e.g. toilet seats, toothbrushes, towels) to date.