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Genvoya, window period, post PEP testing

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  • Genvoya, window period, post PEP testing

    Thanks for docs and everyone who listens to my story will answer my questions.
    I had unprotected gay anal action at 16 Mar. I was top, except that, I also had an open wound on one of my fingers caused by ambustion. And then at 18 Mar. had the second sex with the same guy but with condom, the wound on the finger was still there. And then at 19 Mar. Around 64 hours after the first exposure, I took my first pill of PEP. It's a new one recommend by my doc, which is four pills in one called Genvoya. Then at 16 April, I had sex with the same person for the third time with condom. But no any wound on both of our bodies.
    During the PEP I didn't feel many symptoms or side effects, only slight diarrhea. One day after the completion of PEP(18 April) I did fourth generation of HIV ag/ab test, which is negative. But few days later, I started to have a lot of symptoms can be related to hiv acute symptoms, especially like headache,diarrhea, heartache and chest pain. I checked both for lungs and heart in hospital but nothing wrong with it. Also others like Myalgia, fatigue, sweating, losing of appetite and fastly losing weight. I did another hiv ag/ab test 2 May, which is about 6 weeks after the first exposure, 15 days from the last pill of PEP. Result is also negative. But all these symptoms are getting stronger. I'm super stressed now.
    first, I want to ask if the only high risk behaviour is the first time happened in 16 Mar? Or should the other two also should be considered.
    Second, is my PEP started too late, and is my PEP medicine effective? Because I searched a lot, didn't find it in any recommended list.
    Third, can acute symptoms appear after completion of PEP due to PEP may extend window period. How long should I keep testing to get a conclusive answer? The two tests I did so far mean anything?
    And last is, I talked to the person I had sex with, he claimed he tested negative at 14 April, I can't comfirm the truth of this information. And I'm sure he had at least two other sex partners during this time. Now he promised he'll do another test in 2 weeks, but the problem is I don't know if the place he'll go using third or fourth generation test, if he's negative then, whether third or fourth, does it mean I'm safe? Do I need more following up tests? And if he doesn't go to do test in two weeks, but I go to do a HIV ag/ab test plus a HIV RNA test (20copies<) in about two weeks, around 16 May, if both negative, can it also be conclusive?
    Sorry for writing so much and so long. Thanks a lot to everyone again.
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